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Police Vehicle Auctions vs Car Dealerships - Which is Best?

Aug 5, 2008
Are you aware that you will be allowed to attend many of the government and police auctions in your area? The police seize thousands of cars and other vehicles every month all across the country due to several different reasons. These vehicles are offered for much lower prices than you would generally pay by going through a car dealership.

Government auctions are a well kept secret that dealerships would rather you not know about. They purchase these vehicles themselves for very low prices and sell them to the rest of the public for good profit. The more consumers become educated about police auctions, the more competition they face at the auction plus car dealerships sales they could potential lose that business.

Yet almost all North Americans still continue to use car dealerships to purchase their vehicles every day. Why? Most people unfortunately aren't educated on police auctions. The government doesn't spend any money advertising so auction attendance is solely based on word of month. Following is a list of pros and cons when buying at these auctions:


- They're offered at much lower prices than anywhere else

- No matter where you live, there are typically many auctions held around your area

- Information regarding government and police auctions with vehicle listing detail is now available on the web

- There is a large selection of vehicles that can be found at police auctions including: cars, jeeps, trucks, minivans, ATV's and more!

- No middle tier channel (middleman) to go through or pay

- No commissioned salesperson to have to deal with

- Motivated seller who doesn't have the resources or time to deal with inventory, therefore offering vehicles based on no reserve bidding

- Better income tax advantages (run as a business)

- Car taxes are typically less

- Start your own business (i.e. Sell cars on the Internet)


- You'll probably have to pay it all in cash (which for some is a blessing)

- No warranty period beyond manufacturer warrenty, although most used dealerships only provide 30 days or so

If it's not a problem paying cash, or you can get credit elsewhere, then the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Just remember to bring a mechanic or car expert who understands vehicles with you to the auction. They will inspect the vehicles that you're interested in to make sure you get a great deal.
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