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eBay Success: Not Just For Powersellers Anymore

Aug 5, 2008
Ebay has always given consumers the image that anyone can log on and make a fortune selling rare and bizarre items. This has spawned countless "get rich quick schemes" that have only made money for the scam artists that created them. Beneath the veil, it has always been a small group of eBay powersellers dominating the eBay business marketplace. While a few entrepreneurs have been able to carve out a scant number of successful niches, the big business goliaths have ruled supreme. eBay powerseller's access to virtually unlimited supply and funding has allowed them to keep a firm grip on the auction marketplace. However, a new business concept known as dropshipping is changing the way the online auction industry works and giving new small business a chance to succeed on eBay.

Dropshippers level the product supply playing field

One of the greatest assets of powersellers has been access to large lots of items purchased from foreign importers. Being able to purchase these items at a huge discount allowed them to price these items far below the margin a small eBay business can afford. Dropshipping companies have greatly leveled this pricing gap by offering small eBay businesses the ability to purchase small lots, as few as one item at a time, and sell them for similar rates as that of the huge powersellers. Whereas in the past the little guys were forced to purchase their items from garage sales in order to keep up, they now have access to a catalog of well over one million items to sell on eBay. This allows eBay businesses to effectively equal powersellers in their ability to reach customers with the discounted products that they demand. While small eBay sellers had to rush to the post office five times a day to ship their items, the dropshipper ships the product directly from the supplier to the customer's doorstep.

In the world of eBay sales "Cash is King"

Most powersellers are actually large corporations portraying themselves as small merchants simply selling their wares on eBay. Having access to large amounts of cash, they have been able to price small eBay businesses right out of the market. While an eBay entrepreneur might be able to offer a couple different types of products, powersellers use their buying power to sell a thousand different products in markets where the small business has no access. Dropshipping allows an individual to offer far larger variety than even the largest powersellers and pay nothing up front. A dropshipping member only pays after the product has already sold for a profit, giving them the ability to list an unlimited number of products at a time. If the auctions do not sell, the eBay business is not required to purchase anything from the dropshipper and moves on to the next successful auction.

Powersellers reputations all smoke and mirrors?

Facing a powerseller that has a feedback rating of ten thousand positive replies can be quit daunting. Powersellers give the impression that they are kings of customer service, however many have gained their feedback ratings by less than fair methods. Most powersellers rarely reply to complaints as they know the buyer is only one of thousands most of whom will automatically give positive feedback. Only a dropshipper who is eBay certified can give the small eBay business the customer service advantage. These dropshippers provide a wholesale guarantee to ensure they are offering the best quality items at the right price to sell successfully on Ebay

Dropshippers are the future for small eBay business

As respected dropshippers grow they will offer the small eBay business greater control over the eBay marketplace. They will be able to equal large powersellers in supply, price and quality. The "get rich quick" schemes of the past, are being replaced with legitimate options to face off against the currently dominant powersellers. Clearly, dropshipping presents the single greatest option for small businesses seeking success selling on eBay.
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