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Executive Coaches Are Definitely Worth The Money

Aug 5, 2008
You might think that because someone you know is an executive in a decent sized company that they are they are the cream of the crop and are all stars at what they do. To tell you the truth, all executives can benefit from some coaching of one sort or another. It is those that go through executive coaching sessions that continue to become better and more effective at what they do.

Every company has strategic goals, when working with an executive coach, you will choose behaviorally designed goals that you will you grow professionally and will help the company grow.

There are exactly eight steps in the behavioral coaching process. Research shows that if a leader is being coached and fails to complete each of these simple steps, they will most likely not improve. However, if they successfully complete each of these steps, growth is assured.

- First, a coach needs to allow the leader to be 100% involved in determining who he or she should behave. They simply cannot be expected to make changes in their behaviors if they don't understand the goals of the company.

- Second, leaders should always be allowed to identify key stakeholders. Leaders will buy into the coaching process if they and their coach agree well in advance on the behaviors that need to be worked on and the key stakeholders.

- Third, the coach needs to collect feedback often. They can accomplish this objective by speaking with key stakeholders often and using an all around rating system.

- When determining the key behaviors that need to be changed, only select one or two that will have the biggest impact on effective leadership.

- The leader must be involved in responding to the key stakeholders that have been selected. The stakeholders should be able to give suggestions on how to improve in the targeted areas. The conversation should be simple and positive to achieve maximum effectiveness.

- Find out what has been learned and help the leader develop and execute a plan of action. Once the leader has developed a plan of action, the coach will then provide needed encouragement that helps the leader accomplish his or her goals.

- Follow up is key! Each follow up needs to be often, efficient, and focused on the future.

- The last thing that you will need to do is take a look at the results and start again.

Using these eight things, you can become the executive that you want to be. Work hard and always try to improve yourself and your organization will flourish.
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CMOE is a company that specializes in employee coaching and executive coaching. For over 45 years, CMOE has been assisting companies in improving productivity. They offer many workshops that center on leadership coaching and performance coaching. For more information, please visit the CMOE website.
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