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How To Make A Website With Free Software

Aug 5, 2008
Do you balk at the thought of making your own website? You are not alone. Many people think that creating a site is just too hard. I want to put you straight, it?s not as hard as you may think.

At one time you needed to have an understanding of HTML in order to build a website. Today there are software products that allow you to build a website without any knowledge of HTML. They are known as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get)HTML editors.

There is open source software available that is every bit as powerful as the paid for variety. Open source software is created by a community of programmers around the world that work together to produce useful software. Just to highlight how good much of this open source software is; Have you heard of Apache Server Software? Apache is the preferred software used on most servers today. This is open source software, free.

The free open source software I have used is called NVU (pronounced N-View). If you search Google for nvu you will then be able to choose a download that suites your operating system.

Using NVU

NVU like all easy to use HTML editors is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). When you first open the program it looks much like any word processor program. But there are significant differences.

With a web page it is more than just print. There is artwork and the whole presentation is important. Getting started is often the most difficult part. Just remember that nothing is difficult once you know how. In this article I'm going to concentrate on getting you started.

Even though the screen looks much the same as a word processor, and many of the tools have the same or similar functions. There are differences. The main one is how to place objects where you want them to appear.

So now let?s concentrate on how to place things where you want them. The key to this is tables. If you want to place text next to an image you need to create a table with 2 columns. One to contain your image and the other for the text.

You can also create tables inside tables. You are able to specify the width of the table in pixels or in percent. You can then center the table or have it locked to the right or the left. Creating a table inside a table will allow you have a box with its own content. Each table can have its own background color.

Tables are what give you control over how your page will look. They are like the bricks in a wall that allow you to place the windows where you want to in the wall. You can create tables and make them invisible. You do this by setting the border width to zero. This means that you have been able to place objects where you like, but how they are held there is unseen.

Mastering this will make it possible for you to create a professional looking site. From here much of the program is like any other and you will soon master the use of it with a little experimentation. Understanding how NVU works is also a lesson in Dreamweaver or Microsoft Front Page as these programs work much the same.
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