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Seeing Things Through Bewildered Eyes

Aug 5, 2008
When we read certain statements or listen to comments on various things, we tend to accept them as the truth, albeit that not everybody believes in everything they read in the papers or believes everything some politician might say anywhere in the world.

For instance, there are many items of news coming through about the state of the economy as well as the financial positions of large companies and banks. It would be nice to know if things are not so good, bad, horrible, or desperate.

To get an answer to that, it would be necessary to believe someone, somewhere. Of course, one would have to accept that what one reads and hears is in fact the whole truth.

One could argue that even the law does not require the truth, just the appearance of it. After all, is it not reality, that most cases are settled on what is acceptable to both parties?

With that in mind, one could come to the conclusion that we are often being presented with an appearance of truth, and depending on the brilliance of the performance of the presenter, we swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

The appearance of truth as opposed to the real truth cannot be fairly quickly ascertained like the difference between a real diamond and a fake.

The answer lies in the ability to read in- between the lines. Such ability is something which one is not born with. It comes with a great deal of experience.

The one person you should be able to believe is yourself. If you formulate your own opinion based on knowledge you ascertain is correct, you are doing all that is possible to achieve the best result.

Your opinion may well be arrived at by having studied the problem in question at great length, as well as taking advice from several professional experts. Whatever way you eventually arrive to a conclusion, it will not be on the strength of reading various reports which may be put out in calming way. The sooner you work on mastering the art of reading in-between the lines, the sooner you may be on the track of more accurate versions.

The main concern is getting things right in the field of finance. Whether it is shares, foreign exchange, buying a house here or abroad, etc. it is not only the best deal that counts but also the best time it is prudent to do it There are instances where it is possible to miss the boat due to lack of information and not acting quickly enough to take advantage of favourable situations, or to prevent suffering losses by being able to envisage possible problems well in time.

Staying well informed at the cost of little time and money, can make a huge difference. Seeing things with bewildered eyes is always a formula for disaster.
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