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Network Marketing Failure - Pity Party vs Mastermind Group - Part 2

Aug 5, 2008
During the last article, "Network Marketing Failure - Pity Party vs Mastermind Group - Part 1", we discussed what happens when your business starts to move backwards, and how you have to take action to make your business succeed.

Network Marketing is just like most other businesses. You must want to succeed to make it work. On the other hand, network marketing is so very different than most other businesses. This is a business of leadership. Leadership attracts leadership. If you show the signs like you want to be a leader, leaders want to work with you.

Compare that to the corporate world. Would the president want to help the vice president become better than him? I would expect not. He'd help himself right out of a job.

Anyway, I digress. My point, the nature of network marketing draws people up..if those people want to be drawn up. As stated earlier, leaders are always on the look out for leaders.

So your business is sliding, your sponsor quit and you decide to reach up and ask for help from your second or possibly third upline. What happens next?

Expect to put your money where you mouth is. Many people talk. They talk about how they want to succeed; how they are ready to 'get to work'. Many people talk; less actually do what is needed. Be ready to walk the walk if you are going to talk the talk.

Expect to get assignments. You will get an assignment and deadlines. It will be your responsibility to get that work done and then follow up. Most likely, you will get another assignment. Again, it will be your responsibility to get it done.

Once that it done, you will have proven yourself as someone who wants to be a leader. That's when the mastermind begins.

You see, leaders know the benefits of what a mastermind group can do.

Napoleon Hill first wrote about mastermind groups when he wrote the classic "Think and Grow Rich". Many great icons of the business world have used mastermind groups since. Network Marketing is no different.

Mastermind groups can focus special energy on your efforts; new thoughts, new people, new resources. Just by being around leaders and successful people, you start to learn new skills. Mastermind is one of them.

Mastermind at the beginning can be as simple as having an accountability partner. Someone you agree to set goals and talk regularly by phone to hold each other accountable for those goals. You can also ask your partner for information, contacts and to share ideas.

Mastermind can develop into much more; groups of 5 or 6 with representative from all walks of business. Napoleon Hill's book outlines how to work and develop a more in depth group.

This of course is only one of the benefits of working with leaders.

By taking your business into your own hands will bring you places you never thought you could go and turn your business around.

And when you develop at such a rate that you sky rocket in the business, don't forget to call your sponsor and take him to lunch (smile).

To your success!
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