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Advice on What to Wear to an Interview.

Aug 5, 2008
As it well known, first impressions are always important. During the interview most interviewers have already made an impression about the candidate within initial 10 seconds. As a result, the way you dress for the interview is decisive to this first impression. Most corporate-recruiting experts would agree with this idea.

Your choice of outfit should be neither too casual nor flashy. In fact, it is much more important that you are clean and neat. Wear the clothes that fit properly and are appropriate to your body type. Wearing wrinkled clothes would give the impression that you are not terribly concerned about your appearance and therefore may reflect on your work habits.

The classic suit is one of the wisest choices for wearing to an interview for both men and women. The suit should be subtle, conservative and enhance your personality. A traditional suit can be seen as a symbol of prosperity, power and confidence. They also indicate success. Due to these factors, a suit would make your presence felt in an interview.

You may choose either a black or coloured suit, provided the colour is neutral. The style of the suit should also be conservative, not fashionable and of a single color. In some countries and cultures throughout the world, some beliefs do not allow a person to wear clothes that are completely black. However, this can be overcome by the wearing of a contrasting coloured shirt or blouse, such as a pale blue or white. Black is generally the best colour for a suit as it suits the majority of body types.

Accessories - Apart from the suit, accessories can also be worn. The rule for accessories is the same ? they should be stylish but not flashy. They should just act as enhancements for the body and not be of themselves obvious.

Appropriate accessories that can be worn for an interview can include a simple watch, subtle rings or a thin bracelet for the wrist. Women must take more care about the accessories they choose and they may have to remove some things that they normally wear. These things may include large earrings, nose rings, and chunky rings and bracelets etc. It is quite alright to wear at least some jewellery so long as it is not too obvious. Your choice of footwear should be considered. It should be strong and provide appropriate support for your feet. You should be able to walk properly and comfortably whilst wearing them and they should not slip from your feet. Therefore, the ideal footwear is closed in or lace up shoes.

Your clothing should say something about you, but quietly. It should not be allowed to overpower your personality. The interviewer is interested in what you have to say, not your fashion sense.
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