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Agel MLM Review: Scam or Not?

Aug 5, 2008
If you were brought to an Agel business presentation I'm sure a lot of the information went over your head. It's a lot to take in at one time, but I'd like to quickly review Agel's products and compensation plan and provide you with the facts once again.

First of all, Agel has been around since 2005. They initially opened in 12 countries and have grown to over 40 over the last 3 years. They operate in the health and wellness industry which currently stands as a $300 billion dollar industry.

There are 4 different products that Agel offers. They are named min, ohm, fit, and exo. Min is nutrient rich and provides the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Ohm gives the body energy. Fit is an appetite controller and helps individuals maintain their cravings. And lastly exo is an antioxidizing product that helps clean the system.

Learning how the Agel compensation plan can be a bit confusing. There's certain qualifications and kickers, maximum payouts and what not , but the bottom line is that you get paid off of the revenue stream that you build for the company. As people join your business and begin buying Agel products, money is being generated for the company and Agel provides you with a small percentage of what you have created. You build your organization in two different legs, and essentially half of what you have created is counted towards your commissionable volume. There are smaller bonuses and commissions but this is really the biggest of all of them.

Chances are that what excites you most about the opportunity is the money. I'm willing to bet that you are more excited about the financial potential and the idea of creating wealth than you are about the products. That's typically the case with these types of businesses. However, as with most businesses there isn't a guarantee. And I would like to divert your attention to an equally rewarding opportunity that does have a guarantee. It is called the Wealth Funnel System

The creator, Derrick Harper, has been making money online for 13 years. He has made millions and has put together the Wealth Funnel System to help beginners learn the fundamentals of internet marketing and to provide an opportunity that anyone can benefit from. Unlike multi level marketing, you don't have to call up friends and family or constantly talk to strangers, there are people eagerly searching the internet for opportunities like the Wealth Funnel System and its simple to learn how to find those people and do business with them.

It may or may not be as good as Agel but that a decision that you have to make for yourself. I hope this article has been of some assistance to you.

Wishing you the best success, Joe Marquez
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For more information on the Wealth Funnel System by Derrick Harper, go here to evaluate his internet opportunity and see why it is one of the very few opportunities that provides a 100% money back guarantee.
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