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Things to Bring to the Interview.

Aug 6, 2008
A job interview is a most important part of everyone's life and it must be taken seriously, as it can alter your life. A successful interview for a desirable job can make your dreams come true, but if it is not taken seriously, you may lose that job and you will have to go in search of a job once more. Research has shown that a great number of today's youth is unsure of what they should take to a job interview. Here are some suggestions as to the bare essentials you should consider:

Bring something that will keep you occupied eg you could bring a novel or a magazine, or even a joke book. This will help to reduce your tension and nervousness. Some people unnecessarily become stressed about the interview and can even become ill.

Stress or tension may lead to problems such as a queasy stomach, headaches, backache etc. Bring some preventative medication or alternative treatments with you to counter these problems: antacids for the stomach and analgesics for the head or back. Have in your possession some chocolate or some other snack that is high in sugar content, in small bite sized portions and easily digestible, in case you have failed to have anything to eat. Don't chew gum or bring coffee or soft drinks and avoid cigarettes. If a mobile phone is a necessity, switch it off before the interview begins, but leave other electronic gadgetry at home!

Bring your own supply of tissues to the interview. If you need to stay in a hotel for a job interview it is vital that you bring the necessary clothes in which you feel comfortable. Women should carry an additional pair of pantyhose in case of laddering. You should also bring a pair of shoes that are extremely comfortable to wear, are clean and well polished. Shoes should preferably be black.

Bring some extra copies of your resume in case the company asks for additional copies. It is crucial that do not forget to bring the necessary documents that you need to provide during an interview. These should include degrees, qualifications and certificates of achievement and a birth certificate or other proof of age certificate. Include proof of experience with another organization if this is applicable.

Take the list of references of those people with whom you worked in the previous company. It is a good idea to bring a briefcase to your job interview as a briefcase does not only enhance your professional elegance, it is also a great way to store all your necessary documentation safely and neatly. Bring a pen and a notebook with you and put that in your briefcase as well. Bring job skills portfolio if it is applicable and/or work samples if they are relevant. A breath freshener such as mints, is an essential in case you have bad breath. Fresh breath is a sure way to instill confidence and you will be able to speak without any concerns.
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