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How To Get Customers To Come Back - Year After Year

Aug 6, 2008
Business owners who want to be more successful, run a more profitable business, and have an unstoppable stream of customers can easily make their dreams come true if they can figure out a way to make their existing customers come back! This article will offer handy tips on how to make your customers come back, buy more, bring other new customers to you year after year.

Your greatest business asset is your customer. That said, knowing what each customer costs you; how much it costs you to lose a customer ... and the "ripple effect" thereof, can quite literally turn your business into a runaway success story -- and most certainly the envy of your competitors. Learning the lifelong value of each customer can create a 50% increase in your customers in just one year using a referral follow-up system. You don't make money on the first time customer no matter what that person buys. Your profits are from that customer's repeat business and from what that customer says about you. Which is why you have to develop lifelong customers! Which isn't that difficult to do... it's a case of making each customer entering your shop "feel" like a lifelong friend. And how do you do that? The simplest way is to stay in touch with them on special occasions, at special times of the year, and sometimes just to say "Hi." And even though international customers, for instances, may never have the opportunity to visit your store, they may well continue to BUY from you (off your web store), year after year. Oh, and one more thing -- GET referrals from them!

Fortunately, it doesn't cost anything to ask a customer whether they knew of anyone else that may require your services. You will be amazed how willing a satisfied customer would be to refer someone they knew to you. Take their number or contact details and get in touch with the referral directly, but always remember to mention where you got their name and number from. If you continue to regularly ASK for referrals, your customer base will continue to grow without the additional advertising and promotion cost it takes to bring them through the door.

Making a sale is great, but it shouldn't be your priority. The priority of any business owner should be to please the customer. And the backbone, the very lifeblood, of your company's survival is in establishing long-term relationships with your customers. Businesses that are only interested in "making the sale" and don't practice customer service and satisfaction don't seem to last very long. Going the "extra mile" to satisfy each customer is the best insurance for business success.

In summary: establishing a personal relationship with your customers and making them feel like a "lifelong" friend is evidently the most powerful way to gain and retain your customers for the long-term. After all, your greatest asset is your customer. Go the extra mile if you have to, but put them first. Don't just go for making the sale, build relationships! That's where the money is .. in repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers. So the next time you're out there finding new customers, remember that customer retention is key to the long-term success of your business.
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Anthony J. Namata is a successful Internet entrepreneur and author of How to Become An International Gemstone Dealer. He is currently giving away free state-of-the-art 5-piece credit card processing machines to small businesses across America.
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