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The Secret Law of Attraction for Network Marketing Success

Aug 6, 2008
After the release of the best selling book "The Secret" there has been an increasing number of publicity on the Universal Law of Attraction.

After the release of the best selling book "The Secret" there has been an increasing number of publicity on the Universal Law of Attraction.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that it is just as real as The Law of Gravity and your life is affected by it every day no matter if you realize it or not. Many people don't even really realize how real the Law of Attraction actually is and affects everyone the same just like the Law of Gravity.

OK? Deep breath, If you pay attention to this? You may actually be able to attract more Prosperity instead of Lack?

HARD FACT #1: The Universal Law if Attraction is always working (hence otherwise it would not be true to call it a Law); and everyone is affected by it in some way all the time.

HARD FACT #2 According to the Law of Attraction people always attract whatever they are in vibrational harmony with in life either good or bad. In other words the actual circumstances and results you are attracting in life are determined by what you are vibrating through both your thoughts and emotions.

In order to attract Prosperity into your life and explode your Network Marketing income, it is very important to understand that every circumstance of your business is be it success or failure is first created through energetic vibration. In fact this a major contributing factor to enjoying a prosperous life and a successful Network Marketing business.

Think your favorite radio station

For example whenever you feel like listening to your favorite station, you set your tuner to your station?s specific numbers/letters on your radio, which is also tuned in to a specific vibrational match on your radio.

Also by the same token unless you change the station, you are only tuned to your specific favorite station while totally oblivious to all the other stations that are not part of your listening experience.

( -- Here's the deal--)

The principles are the same in terms of really attracting prosperity. It is impossible to become prosperous if you are constantly thinking about debt and lack because that is also what you will continue to attract.


The Universal Law only responds to the energy and vibration s that you are sending out which of course is determined by your thoughts and emotions, instead of responding to simply what you want.

( -- In a nutshell -- )

One of the hardest things for most Network Marketers to do is keeping a positive mental attitude especially in the mist of so much negativity all around. However the unfortunate reality is? The very act of focusing your thoughts on what you don?t want such as debt, bad relationships or lack of money, you unwittingly also attract more of the same into your life.

We are all surrounded by both positive and negative magnetic energy fields. The interesting thing is that just like you can make the choice of cold or hot water by turning the designated water knob, you can also determine which magnetic energy field you want to plug into positive or negative.

Awareness is essentially the first step in using the Law of Attraction to attract more Prosperity in your Network Marketing business.

Here is what I call The Prosperity Formula or the Hidden Order of the Prosperous.

( --- Be > Do > Have -- )

The bottom line translation of this Prosperity formula means if YOU want to Have more in life, then YOU must Do more, and in order to Do more, YOU must first Become more. In other words the Master Key to Prosperity is basically having an understanding that your positive thoughts and prosperous way of thinking will allow you to produce productive actions in your Network Marketing business.

So always think about what you do want and develop the awareness that Prosperity in your Network Marketing business is indeed a choice and abundance is available to all. Also remember that in the game of life there is both positive and negative magnetic energy all around you, and YOU win or lose simply by the one YOU chose.
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