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Successful Job Interviews.

Aug 6, 2008
A successful job interview can give you the big break you need in your career. It is not an easy task to successfully complete an interview and quite a number of people have many problems with them. The greatest of these problems is the "fear factor" and it has ruined many an interview. To conquer this problem, good interview preparation is the only way out. If you go into an interview with little or no preparation, it will only result in problems and may even leave you with a bad reputation as regards your career. Successful job interviews are accomplished through cleverly answered questions, a bullet-proof strategy and back up information about every aspect of the job.

Prepare your plan for the interview, ensuring that you have all the necessary information regarding the company, its terms and conditions, and other relevant details. Gather your certificates of achievements and/or qualifications and mark sheets. Organize a first-rate file of all your data and present it in an attractive and standard format. Include your current resume on top of this file and ensure that you bring more than one copy of this resume with you.

Make a record of the type of questions you suspect you will be asked by the interviewer. Prepare answers to these questions and write them down. Craft your answers based on the facts and your qualifications. The entire outcome from the interview is dependent upon how successfully you answer the questions and how well you justify yourself. You should be able to explain why you want this particular job, why you are wishing to join this industry and what you are exactly looking for in this job. These questions are vital as they justify your inclination and thinking. There are then questions regarding your weaknesses and strengths, your greatest achievements, what you really wish to accomplish as a career, what your experience tells you and many other general questions. The answers to these types of questions should be informative and you must justify your points in detail.

Highlight some examples of your experience and training, and use them correctly whenever you want to validate your answers. Build a good rapport with the interviewer. Always carefully take note of the interviewer's words and be attentive and focused. Speak truthfully and clearly. Substantiate how you plan to achieve your goals with relevant details. Make sure that you have at least two or three fine references as these will help you to be one step ahead of the other candidates. Maintain a positive attitude and remain enthusiastic and focused.

Have some questions prepared for you to ask the interviewer concerning the job and issues relevant to the company. This will indicate that you are really interested in securing this position and it also shows that you are concerned about company issues. Study the company policies and refer to the company?s web site for any further information about which interviewer may ask. Be ready to answer "trick" questions eg. "Where do you see yourself five years from now?", "What do you think would be your previous supervisor?s opinion of you as a worker?" etc.

You have a good chance of being successful in the interview if you can impress the interviewer. You must show confidence and play it "smart".
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