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How To Have Pre-Qualified Prospects Begging To Join You Instead Of Wasting Time With The Names List!

Aug 6, 2008
"Just flap your jaw, talk to everybody, apply the 3 foot rule, make the warm market list, go harass family, friends and strangers and you'll make it baby, just give it some time!" This is such an huge BS. No wonder why 97% of all Network Marketers fail using this so called "strategies".

Besides failure it also harms your social life since it makes you be annoying and harms your health too because of all the stress involved with rejection and lack of results. It simply doesn't work and even if it does with somebody there are better ways.

Yet, your company, "gurus" and uplines teach it to you. Sometimes they don't know any better (this industry is full of myths), sometimes they're lying (for ex., to keep selling you their motivational seminars and other BS that really doesn't matter when you know the right strategies).

Bottom line here: The big dogs who earn the big bucks in this industry don't waste their time talking to people who don't care about what they say. They know that the real key to success is to get your costumers come to you first which is, believe me, much easier to accomplish.

Let me reveal you an comfortable truth that will shock the majority of Network Marketers: Not Everyone Is Your Prospect.

Trying to sell an hamburger to a vegetarian is definitely a bad strategy, right? Of course yes. If there are millions of carnivores smelling around for hamburgers why should you care selling them to anybody else?

Your prospects are only those individuals who already exhibited interest in what you're doing before they even know that you exist!

And by "exhibited interest" I mean that in this very moment, tons and tons of people surf the web, actively searching for info about building an home business or succeeding in Network Marketing. If you give them what they want, you'll be seen as an expert and that's the key because people trust experts and follow experts when looking for business opportunities.

People need to believe you before they join your opportunity and experts certainly have more credibility than the guy who pitches at the shopping mall.... If you read a couple of good books on a subject, like the free ebook I'm giving away with this article, you'll know more than 99% of the population on that subject. Bam, that's what an expert is.

Now that you know what the rest of the world is eager to know it's time to attract people to your business. First, you need to share your fresh acquired knowledge . Articles, Blogs, Forums, Newsletters and Ezines will get the job done and are free or cheap to use. Adwords and Pay per Click (PPR is not dead!) are also good choices, among dozens of others.

Second, every day thousands of targeted searchers will find it, read it and more than enough will take action sooner or later. This is where the fun begins because people will get in contact with you begging if they can start doing what you do! Or you'll call people who genuinely desire to change/start their own MLM business as a result of the info they got from you. These are extremely hot leads generated by your own marketing system!

Conclusion: You'll routinely sponsor 20 - 30 new motivated people a month without even having to deal with rejection. The heavy hitters built huge downlines fast because they learned and applied this. Now it's your chance to do the same but if you don't... I wish you good luck!
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