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The Benefits of Email Marketing Programs for Museums and Galleries

Aug 6, 2008
Email marketing Programs will bring many more consistent participants to your gallery or museum's existing or upcoming exhibitions. As Director or CEO of a museum or gallery, you have to find cost-effective and simple ways to promote your shows in order to bring potential customers in on a regular basis. After all, the larger your attendance numbers, the more funding you'll get. Email marketing is a cost-effective and simple-to-use tool for informing your contact list about the shows at your museum or gallery.

The cost of email marketing in comparison to other forms of media is not even comparable. It is a few dollars to send out thousands of emails, and they are focused on your direct market, as these people will have signed-up to receive your information. With other forms of media, you are spending thousands of dollars in the hopes that you are reaching your audience.

Email marketing Programs is more than just simple-to-use and cost-effective. It will also help you to elicit more traffic on a consistent basis to your shows and advertise to clients about upcoming shows. To start the process, you will use your current database and will be enhanced it to include those returning clients. A good way to enhance your mailing list is to place a web sign-up box at no extra cost on your website or invite school group organizers and audio-guide renters to sign up for your newsletters.

With a free web sign-up box, the web traffic interested in your museum exhibitions will sign up for your emails and ongoing promotions. Grab their interest by treating them as "preferred clients" and offering them exclusive discounts.

When schools bring their groups to your museum or gallery, present the person who has organized the school trip with the option to sign up for your newsletters and promotions. Through offering them a per-school package, where they receive certain bonuses for coming to your museum more frequently, you will garner greater numbers per year, per school. Better numbers always means better funding. No great exhibit will exist without the proper funding.

For people who rent audio guides, you will ask them to sign-up to receive free information on the shows in your museum or gallery. By offering them a discount on audio guides in exchange for their email address, you will receive plenty of sign ups. Also, the information being sent out is to those whom you know are interested in receiving more information about your exhibit (otherwise they wouldn't be signing up for an audio guide). The reason this is great is because you will be increasing your value to the customer as an organization. In so doing, you are promoting your museum or gallery to exactly the customers who are interested in coming to your museums on a more regular basis - those that are passionate about educating themselves on historical or artistic topics. When you provide this group of customers with your information, they will feel more compelled to return more often to your museum.

Having money to use for better shows is the ultimate goal for any museum or gallery Director and CEO. This creates a snowball effect: the better your shows are, the more attendees your exhibit will garner; the more people at your shows, the better the funding; the better the funding the better the exhibit etc.

With email marketing Programs, you will save thousands in advertising costs by directly targeting customers who you know will be returning to your museum with greater frequency. And all they need is to be reminded by an email marketing solution campaign. Bring school groups and enthusiasts to your museum or gallery more frequently by giving them a greater background on your current shows, and by providing them with newsletters and promotions on upcoming shows. This way, email marketing Programs will continually open the treasure chest of wonders that you have to offer to your community.
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Robert Burko is the President of Elite Email, the complete email marketing Programs package used by museums and galleries around the world. You will deploy comprehensive Web Directory for your upcoming shows with a no risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!
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