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The Real Truth About Free MLM Training

Aug 6, 2008
Unfortunately, no one will build your mlm business for you. Your downline won't build it for you nor will your upline. Even though everyone involved with your business has a financial interest and will benefit from the growth of your business.

So if you truly want success, real exponential growing success in your business, you must take the bull by the horns and get in the action. This means stepping outside your comfort zone and taking action that puts you in front of your prospects. It means doing what others are unwilling to do and being the best example for your team.

As an aspiring mlm leader, I am sure you have spent countless hours dreaming and hoping for greater success in your business. In fact, you most likely have spent a lot of money trying to figure out the easy path to riches in capitalizing on your multi-level marketing compensation plan, but have fallen many miles short of even coming close to achieving what you desire.

I know this because I have been there in the past. However, I have also achieved great success in type businesses. In fact, I went from sponsoring a person every other month to sponsoring 10+ people each and every month for 73 consecutive months (that is over 800+ people I sponsored personally).

TIP - Your success will not happen without implementing universal strategies and techniques that accelerate success and virtually guarantee success.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to tap into every piece of free mlm training available. They read the articles, download the reports, listen to the audios, participate in discussion board posts, and even attend webinars or tele-seminars. Even within their organization they search for anything and everything that is free.

While tapping into free mlm training is a good start in understanding and learning how to build a mlm business, most people stay trapped in the free resources and never get to the real nitty gritty proven strategies and techniques that will move them forward in growth and profits.

This happens because they are usually broke and don't have the available cash flow to invest in the resources they really need. Others are just too cheap and refuse to even invest in themselves and their business and expect everything to be free to them. Such a belief to expect growth without investment is idiotic thinking.

While I understand that it is difficult to get your hands on the real secrets to multi-level success resources, especially if you have no money, it is important to get a start and start building your success library. This should include books, CDs, and other physical product resources that can be in plain view of your eyes from day to day. You do this so you are reminded of the fact you have the nitty gritty resources right in front of you.

Now I want you to understand I am not saying free mlm training is useless, nor am I saying not to tap into such resources. But what I am saying is, if you want to short-cut your learning curve, quickly improve your performance, and even accelerate the growth of your business, you need to move beyond the free training resources.

Tapping into ONLY free resources is a waste of time and will keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of frustration. This is because the free mlm training resources NEVER reveal the nitty gritty nuts and bolts (the stuff that can help you work smarter rather than harder) that really help your business grow.

The one thing no mlm guru or trainer talks about is the fact that they give away free training as a sample to hook you into wanting more. They give you just enough information to wet your appetite for more information.

It is sort of like a slippery slide, where once you read one thing, it leads you to another, and then you are quickly absorbing everything (including the books, CDs, reports, etc.) that you must buy. The real secret about this type of training is that free resources are there only to lead you to the good stuff. This is by design. And I want you to know there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, you can use some of the very same methods to attract prospects to your business products and services, and even your opportunity. But where this does become a problem is when you are unwilling to make the investment in the real good training resources, which are not free.

My best advice for you, especially if you want to improve your cash flow, growth, and profits, is to create an edge in your mlm business by moving beyond the free. Invest in yourself and invest in your education. Become a professional in the direct selling industry and make a commitment to building a business using universal fundamentals that guarantee you success.

However, you also have to be careful on what you invest into because often the resources in the market are many times regurgitated materials, meaning these resources will all have the same basics and very few will really give you a distinct breakthrough. There will usually be a feeling like something is missing. This too is not by accident.

TIP - Invest in yourself and your business by getting educated on the universal fundamentals that guarantee success. Get mlm certified (certification simplifies the process of learning the fundamentals)!

Here is something very important to think about. What most people selling training don't tell you is they can't fit everything in just one book or one CD. The fact is it would be almost impossible to achieve. Plus, by putting everything in just one book or CD, they would defeat their objective of you coming back for more. In addition, you would be overwhelmed if you tried to absorb everything all at one time.

Remember that the real truth about free mlm training is it is designed to give you enough useful information but it is incomplete. This causes you to want to know more. But you don't get that next step of information for free.

The good news is the universal fundamentals can be taught quickly (usually in one day) and you can absorb the fundamentals in your knowledge bank (your mind) easily, so you can implement what you learn immediately in your business to begin improving your performance. This will give you a solid foundation of the universal fundamentals that guarantee success. Then use that foundation as a measure for evaluating the other resources you invest into to further your skills and improve your performance.

While there will still be more to learn, statistics prove that once you understand and consistently apply the direct selling fundamentals (the basic things you need to know for multi-level marketing success), you can more easily expand your knowledge into the advanced and master level strategies and techniques.

Something everyone building an MLM business needs to know is, it is a huge waste of time to skip getting professionally certified in the universal fundamentals and try to build your business using only free training resources. If you truly want an edge in your business, you need to get professionally certified in the fundamentals and then consistently apply those fundamentals within your business.
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Jeff Zalewski is a Certified Training Consultant & CEO of Direct Selling Academy, Inc., where you can improve your performance through professional certification. Jeff intertwines his knowledge & in-the-field experience throughout his training and performance improvement resources. Go to http://www.directsellingacademy.com for details and access to proven resources that help you guarantee success in your business.
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