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Effective Resume Writing That Projects Good Image

Aug 6, 2008
Effective resume writing is really about a perfect mix of clarity and impressiveness in the way we present our potentials. Potentials themselves are often powerless to attract attention. But when presented with effective resume writing tips they become powerful resume tools.

It's a sure job application requirement -- a resume. It's a harbinger of our intentions to the company we'd like to work for and it's the company's first impression of us. Needless to say, we better know a good deal about effective resume writing.

A resume is a written form of how we introduce ourselves to a company. More precisely, it's a written advertisement of who we are and what we can do. So we are really marketing ourselves to a company, trying to convince it that we're the best product there is for their requirement. Bear this in mind for effective resume writing.

We begin with our name. Print it bold enough, right at the top center. Our resume is all about it. This individual with this name is the right person for the job requirement. Don't type it on some obscure left corner of the page where it seems unimportant. No company advertising a grand product name would do that. Effective resume writing is being proud and confident of ourselves.

Second, be unique, original and clear. This reflects a creative and systematic mind. Companies want ingenuity -- logical minds that create. It's not enough to be efficient -- we should show ourselves effective. Efficiency is writing a resume in the usual manner acceptable. Effective resume writing is being able to catch the attention of our target audience. It's nothing too fanciful or dramatic--but it should be something unlike the ordinary and yet lucid.

One way is to try to combine systematic, simplicity, and matchlessness in our resume. We may try resume templates which there are plenty online. These templates are designed according to our desired focus -- chronology, function, skills, education, or a combination of these. There is also the executive template. But the idea in effective resume writing is to make the resume impressive yet with an easy to read and follow system of presentation.

A resume with good content (good educational and work experience details) will not get far when it has no sense of flow and continuity -- like when the data is presented randomly. Remember, the attention span of most adults is about 20 seconds. If we make data presentation unsystematic and confusing, we make it uninteresting and we lose the interest of our reader. Effective resume writing means we think of how our evaluator will read us.

When we have the above effective resume writing tips in order we will be able to project a good image right at the very start of the campaign which will improve the chances of getting the job we all have been dreaming about. The right resume will certainly put you way ahead of the next guy before the interview for the position you are after.
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