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Top Essential Tips For a Successful Acting Career

Aug 6, 2008
If you want to follow a career in acting you will need three traits to your character. These are motivation, confidence and a strong passion for acting and performing. You will probably have to start your acting career by playing small roles on TV and in commercials. The following tips should give you a headstart in getting your first job.

1. In order to initially join the acting fraternity and begin to gain contacts through networking consider becoming an extra in TV or film. Look for an acting agency that specializes in landing extras. You can find acting agencies that regularly look for extras, and who like to keep pools of people to act as extras. Acting as an extra can also give you an income to live on as you audition for other acting parts.

2. Get a good and effective acting headshot. A quality headshot will tell the employer that you are serious and professional. Usually you would use an 8x10 black and white copy although a selection of different shots to convey different moods and styles could be part of your photographic portfolio. Try to pick a good photographer with acting headshot experience.

3. Create your acting resume. As an actor, you will have to 'apply' for an acting job, except that in your profession, it will be called an audition. Your acting resume is one that casting agents take a look at first in order to determine whether you're right for the job or not. List all your contact details, training and acting experience. Keep it short and concise. Everything should be typed and in a font and layout that is easy to read.

4. Prepare for your audition. Firstly make sure the essentials are in order i.e. your photographic portfolio including your headshots, your outfit for the day and give yourself time for your makeup. Also make sure your resume and all applicable documents for the audition are up to date and look professional. Sometimes you will be given specific lines you should say, as well as learning the lines read as much as you can on the character that you will be acting out. Ask yourself what the characters past is, and how it affects his or her present. What motivates the character? What does the character look like? All of these should help you deliver your lines better.

5. Sign up for acting classes. Acting is a craft and it has to be learned. If you want to be the best, then you have to sign up for acting classes. Look at acting classes as a workshop. You must choose a schedule that is convenient for you. When you go to a class, you have to be completely focused. Leave your other concerns and worries behind and just let go. For most professional actors, they feel rejuvenated after acting classes because it might not be on camera or onstage but the exercises they did during the session were still acting.
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