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What Could Be The Perfect Home Business? Print Broker, Of Course!

Aug 6, 2008
Put your feet up and kick back. Now, think about what might be the perfect home business. Drawing upon your imagination, what home business would fill these requirements to be perfect - No skills more complicated than the ability to read and write, demand is always there, and the state of the economy has little to no affect. Such a home business would allow you to start with no more cost than filling your car with gas once on Monday and have customers putting money in your hands by Friday.

Such a business is not a fantasy. This perfect home business is to become a print broker and you can begin operating this business now. Consider: Businesses need documents, forms and business cards. Besides businesses, other organizations such as groups, clubs and nonprofits needs all sorts of printed documents and forms no matter where you live.

The reality is that printed documents and forms are necessary for the operation of any business. These forms are also needed in an on-going basis. At the very least, two types of forms need to be printed for just about any business you can imagine.

Being a home business print broker is rather simple. You take orders from your customers, send them to a wholesale printer who then ships the finished work on to your customers for you.

Being a home business print broker is a cake walk. You can develop it to bring you as much money as you could want without the cost of advertising or even having to keep finding new customers. What makes this work? Well, the print business has something called co-op printing. What this means is one customer has a document printed with another customer's non-conflicting document on the back of it.

Co-op printing, with you as the print broker, is how you expand your home business to be as profitable as you want it to be. The beautiful thing is that you don't pay for your advertising. Now, here is how this actually works. Sally's Florist wants to attract more business, so Sally decides to locally distribute 1000 flyers printed on pink colored paper. She prices the flyers at a local printer for $50, plus tax. You counter offer $40 for the same job, provided she agrees to let you print your non-conflicting ad on the reverse side. Sally realizes a savings of 25% on the printing cost while you get your ads printed and distributed at no cost to you.

You and Sally are both very satisfied with this winner of a plan. The real beauty of this deal is that you just got paid for your advertising and to expand your home business because the wholesale printer you used only billed you $25 for the job. Now your discount printing services will be seen by 1000 businesses and other people. This will result in many more orders without you lifting a finger or paying for ads. Any time you want to, you can make use of this free growth technique to make your home business mo0re profitable. Just offer this co-op printing service to businesses and other customers when you want to attract more business.

This technique can be used too much, as some have learned. They ended up being inundated with orders and money. So be wise and use this method when you can handle the incoming orders easily and not be overwhelmed. It is hard to think of any business that can be started so easily, with such a small startup cost, strong even during a recession and even pays you to advertise it.

So, what is the perfect home business? Why, print broker, of course!
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