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All The Best Traffic Exchanges Are Free

Aug 6, 2008
'Traffic Exchanges' are world wide traffic exchange networks that receive web site submissions from webmasters and affiliates marketers who join them. The person who submits the website browses other members' sites on the exchange network to earn credits, which enables their web site to be viewed by other members through the surfing system, which increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved. Simply put, you look at members sites and they look at yours.

Traffic Exchanges have two types of browsers: those where the pages change automatically (auto-surf) and those where you click at the top of the frame (manual). Traffic Exchanges enforce variable credit ratios, which illustrate the number of websites the surfer must visit to receive one hit through the network to their own web site. Many sites offer upgraded membership levels to provide a better credit ratio.

Free hits are available to you when you sign up but usually they will not be useable until you've spent some time surfing. The instructions given on these sites are usually simple enough, if they're not just move on; there are plenty to choose from.

Some members well find other member sites interesting enough to purchase their product or service. Some will mention them on their own site or put up a banner, sending more traffic their way. Most traffic programs impose a minimum time limit when browsing ranging from 10 to 30 seconds or, of course, as long as the visitor likes.

Almost all traffic exchange programs are free although many of them offer special features to members and offer credits for purchase. Many traffic exchange programs encourage users to build their own referral networks, which in turn increases the referrers' amount of credits.

The traffic generated can be leveraged by becoming an affiliate to assist the user in building a referral network in most Traffic Exchanges.
In practice, traffic exchange programs are used by small business owners and marketers who either want free advertising or low-budget advertising campaigns.

To save time and because of the low price many users purchase credits when promoting their product or service. All Traffic Exchanges are free on the basic level and there is a paid membership facility which enables faster browsing, better surfing and many additional benefits.

Here Are Ten Of The Best Traffic Exchanges:

Traffic Swarm -- One of the bigger and older manual surf traffic exchanges.

AdlandPro -- One of the biggest and oldest online marketing communities.

Traffic Roundup -- One of the oldest and most respect manual traffic exchange.

Webcentresurf -- This is a major traffic exchange that has many games to win credits and is very international.

Clicks for Education -- A nice new manual surf traffic exchange. Lot's of additional programs, information and features here.

Surf for the Earth -- One of the surfs that gives you the most for referrals. A nice newer manual surf traffic exchange.

Rainforest Clicks -- One of the surfs that gives you the most for referrals. A nice new manual surf traffic exchange.

Magnify Traffic Manual Surf -- You get one hit for your site for one surf that you do. Most other sites give you a fractional amount. Also gives free members a commission when others upgrade.

Pulse Clicks -- Gives you free hits upon signing up. Requires you to surf ten sites a week to stay active.

4ProfitHits Manual Surf -- A nice traffic exchange that gives you 50 free hits every month for just logging in.

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