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International Moving Information For Moving To Ireland

Aug 6, 2008
The Emerald Isle has always been the little brother to the great big island known as Great Britain. In the 1990's, this small slice of heaven experienced a technological revolution and has now become a power on its own in the European market. This turnaround, known as the Celtic Tiger has made international moving to Ireland a priority for many American business people. Microsoft, Dell, Intel and Sun Microsystems have all set up their European headquarters in Dublin, making it the Silicon Valley of Europe.

In 2000, Dublin was voted one of the top ten most livable cities in the world. Others on the list were Washington, DC, New York and Boston to give you an idea of what the list was looking for. International moving to Dublin and other parts of Ireland from the United States is not only common, it is encouraged by both governments. World markets and e-commerce have made the relationship between America and Ireland a profitable and mutually beneficial partnership.

The nightlife in Dublin has also progressed along with the economic rise and influx of visitors and new residents from around the world. Modern clubs and well-known rock bands are easy to find and new hotels and restaurants are springing up almost daily. International moving companies are thriving with all of the business being offered by foreign corporations relocating employees.

Of course, Ireland is not just a modern destination. It still offers the traditional villages and beautiful countryside it is known for. You can still kiss the Blarney Stone or see the sun go down on Galway Bay. The countryside and shorelines of southwestern Ireland are some of the most breathtaking on earth. They are more for tourists and visitors than for actual international moving but there are those who choose to settle in the countryside and travel to the city for work.

The national language of Ireland is English and six of the thirty-two provinces are still technically under the control of the British government. These counties are known as Northern Ireland and international moving to any of them falls under the same regulations and guidelines as moving to England. The main city in Northern Ireland is Belfast, the largest shipping port in the British Isles and undoubtedly the reason why the region has been so heavily contested for by both governments.

Ireland is a member of the European Union and their unit of currency is the Euro. If you are traveling throughout the country on a regular basis you might also want to have available British currency (pounds sterling) and American dollars. Both are welcome in certain areas and frowned upon in others so ask before you present any money. International moving companies generally accept all three. Currency exchanges are available at all local banks. The United States Embassy in Dublin is located at 42 Elgin Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. The telephone country code is 353 and you won't have any difficulty getting internet access, particularly in Dublin. A passport and medical exam are required before the international moving process can begin.
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