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Making Trade Shows Work For Your

Aug 6, 2008
Trade shows are a great way to give visibility to your new product or services. Trade shows also gives one the opportunity to seek out new leads and sales. Trade show gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with the industry you are catering to. This can possible give you the competitive edge over your competitors. There are many reasons one would attend trade shows, but first let me give you some goals. The first is to showcase ones new product, second is to capture new clients and last but not least one wants to rekindle existing business relationships. Below is some additional goal one should shoot for to have successful trade show

1-Take advantage or preshow mailers which can help in bring attendees into your booth

2-Provide marketing material all with simluar therme

3- Your marketing plan should have in it some sort of way to keep track of you leads etc

4-One should now have an exhibit booth built around the marketing plan you have in place. Do not put the horse before the carriage. Marketing plan first then trade show booth

5-Include in your plan of action some sort of give-away that relates to your product or your booth, make it useable and memorable. If you make tires or Rims for cars do not give away IPods, give-away something like a tire gauge etc

7-Order all show services before the documented discount deadlines. The discount is a great way to keep cost down. Watch for these deadlines, they are worth it

8-Try to send your booth direct to show site warehouse, it cost a little more on the drayage but it world out better by having your booth waiting for you on the floor as oppose to waiting on it to set up

9-Powerfull and well done graphic help your booth stand out from the rest. Get this professionally done. NO, Kinko's will not do. Have your exhibit house do it or a professional printing company that understand trade shows

10-Trade shows can be fun, Loosen up and make it fun. There are lots of interesting forks to meet and make deal with

Be realistic with your goals and expectations at these shows. There are many trade shows all over the world try to attend more than one per year just to keep your company name out in the industry
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