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International Shipping Of Videos

Aug 6, 2008
Videos are technology that is rapidly going out of style in highly developed countries like the United States but are still popular in other nations where streaming computer video is not yet available. International shipping companies still move large cargoes of VHS tapes and DVD's from the U.S. to other countries and from other countries to the rest of the world.

The market for video recorders and players is still fairly large and international shipping companies see a large variety of these items that are manufactured in different countries and sold along with videos to consumers.

In the 1970's a machine was invented called the laser disk player that was the first attempt at bringing video reproduction of Hollywood movies into homes. The invention was a short-lived experiment and was quickly replaced by VHS tapes. VHS became popular in the U.S. and abroad because it was more compact and the tapes themselves were more durable for international shipping. The laser disk player, which played large circular discs that looked like record albums, became obsolete but was later re-introduced as the CD, or compact disk player.

The CD revolutionized international shipping of videos because of its light weight and small package that could be stacked with other CD's to enable manufacturers to get more products shipped for less money. International shipping companies charge by weight and volume. The gradual miniaturization of the items that we use for pleasure and business is attributed as much to the need for lower international shipping costs as it is to convenience.

The most popular forms of videos that are transported by international shipping companies are movies and educational videos. Movies made in America are tremendously popular overseas and keep a steady demand up for a market that is shrinking in the United States. With the capability to download and burn CD's on a home computer and the rise of companies like Napster, buying or renting videos in the U.S. is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Black market videos, or non-licensed copies of major movies, have become very popular in foreign nations also.

Unfortunately, international shipping companies cannot monitor all the sources that products are shipped from and black market videos find their way onto ships and planes to be sold to an unsuspecting public that thinks they are just getting a good deal. Penalties for this type of activity if discovered in the United States can be steep but some other countries turn a blind eye to it as long as they get the import taxes for the shipment.

The video industry has come a long way since the invention of the laser disk player. CD's have been a huge financial success and on-line video markets promise to be an even greater one. International shipping may not be necessary for this new technology but it will always be there for the next great idea. Boats, trains, planes and trucks are standing by to ship the next new invention any time. Maybe it could be your great idea that becomes the next success for international shipping.
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