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Pros and Cons of International Moving

Aug 6, 2008
There are different reasons for contemplating an international moving venture. Perhaps your company has offered you a position overseas that's the opportunity of a lifetime. Or maybe you have relatives in Europe and want to move over there to get in touch with where your ancestors come from. Sometimes international moving is simply about wanting a change. Regardless of what your reasons are, there are positives and negatives to international moving and you should consider all of them carefully.

On the positive side, international moving can be an educational experience and will expose you to new cultures, languages and forms of government. If you are moving from the United States you may find that many of the liberties you take for granted at home may not be available in other parts of the world. On the other hand, there are customs and foods that you will be exposed to that you'll never find at home.

Another factor in international moving that can be either positive or negative is the economic differences between countries. If you are moving from a poor country to a thriving one you will most likely be surprised at the range of products and services available. Be prepared for the higher prices and taxes that go hand in hand with this prosperity. If you are going from richer to poorer you may be appalled at the conditions that exist in countries with little or no industry to support them.

Entry requirements for each nation in the world are different and make your international moving experience an arduous task. Hiring a professional to help you is recommended, particularly if you are moving to a country that does not have good diplomatic relations with your land of origin. If you are moving into the United States or Great Britain be prepared for increased security and strict guidelines. Make sure that you obtain all the necessary paperwork before you depart and verify that a visa will be issued to you if you are moving for employment purposes.

International moving in this day and age is a risky proposition due to the instability of governments and volatility of certain regions of the world, but certain countries are still safe and will most likely remain that way. The United States, Canada and most of Europe have established governments and protect their citizens and visitors. Street crime exists but police and security forces keep it in check. From a financial standpoint, with world markets and e-commerce being the preferred method of doing business you can always find a source of income if you have some legitimate skills and experience. Construction jobs are also available in certain parts of the world and can be quite lucrative.

If you compare the pros and con and aren't afraid of a little uncertainty and have a sense of adventure, international moving can be a positive experience if you choose the right country to move to. Hiring an international moving company to help you and doing thorough research on the economic, government and sociological factors of your destination country will make that experience even more fulfilling.
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