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History Of International Auto Shipping

Aug 6, 2008
International auto shipping has been going on since the automobile was first invented back in the late 19th Century. The vision that Henry Ford had of a car in every driveway has turned into an international picture of highways packed with thousands of automobiles every day. Massive international auto shipping vessels travel the oceans of the world and cars and trucks are now manufactured in dozens of countries and sold by salesmen in scores of different languages.

The first incidents of international auto shipping were recorded when members of the Ford Motor Company drove early Model into Canada for demonstrations to the people north of the border. Soon after, the technology to build an automobile was introduced in Europe and the international auto shipping industry was born. As the 20th Century dawned, the products of Ford, Packer, and Chrysler began to make their way overseas via international auto shipping.

Territorialism and national pride prevented many in America from purchasing foreign automobiles through most of the 20th Century. Although the wealthy would occasionally invest in a luxury automobile from Europe, the general public would buy strictly domestic automobiles until well into the 1960's. International auto shipping was not a very lucrative business for cargo ships coming to the United States but exports of American automobiles were high.

In the 1960's a company called Toyota was established in Japan. Toyota began work on an economy automobile that would be small and maneuverable and burn less gas than traditional American cars. It was introduced to the United States in the 1970's and the economy car was born. International auto shipping to the United States became a multi-billion dollar industry overnight.

Today, the number of imported cars matches or outnumbers automobiles made in America. The introduction of the Japanese economy car came at a time when America was experiencing shortages and gas lines that had not been seen since the invention of the automobile. The timing made it an instant success then and the technological superiority of the Japanese car companies make them a leader in the industry today. Toyotas are considered to be some of the finest and most durable automobiles in the world.

The dramatic increase in the cost of oil and gasoline has made the economy car almost a necessity to common working people and the automotive industry is working hard to develop alternate fuel sources and build new cars that run on little or no gasoline. This will no doubt change the industry again and tip the balance of profits in the direction of the company that finds the most cost effective solution. America led the way by inventing the automobile but the Japanese have acquired a larger market share. Who will be the next to emerge as an automotive giant? Regardless of who it is, the international auto shipping companies will be happy to deliver the new vehicles anywhere at any time. This time around it's a certainty that everyone will buy one just to get away from the gas station.
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