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Dropshipping to eBay Business Dominance

Aug 6, 2008
Dropshipping gives an individual the same power as a large wholesale corporation. The average eBay entrepreneur has neither the access nor the funding to sell a large variety of products online. Dropshipping companies provide individuals with the tools required to successfully level the playing field. Dropshippers give a small business access to over one million items at below wholesale prices. You only have to pay for the product once it sells and they dropshipper will ship the item directly to the customer's doorstep. There are several steps to successfully dropshipping a product on eBay or an online store.

The Right Dropshipper For You: Try Before You Buy

The first step to deciding what you will sell is to sign up for a dropshipping membership. Luckily, most dropshipping companies offer a free trial period to test out the service. While it is important to try several dropshippers, make sure to cancel any trials you start, so that you will not be charged for a service you don't plan to use. Many dropshippers offer special exclusives that will help you find a niche in the eBay marketplace. While all legitimate dropshippers have fees, the costs can range from fifty dollars a month to well over one hundred per month. Make sure to examine your budget and volume goals to find the dropshipper that will work best for you.

Finding A Dropshipping Product: Research, Research, Research

Deciding which dropshipping product to sell can make or break your business. In order to make money on eBay or your own e-store it is essential to do your research. This begins by finding out what actually sells on sites such as eBay. Using the eBay completed auctions tool, you can find out what products have resulted in a large profit for the seller. You should focus on eBay items that have had both a high number of bidders and ended up sell for a price consistently above rate your dropshipper charges. Once you have selected your product, simply list it on eBay for at least seven days and wait for the auction to make you money

After The Dropship Sale: Ensuring Your Continued Success

After the auction has ended for a profit and you have been paid make sure to promptly log into your dropshipper account and input the winner's shipping information. The chief advantage of eBay powersellers is their strong customer feedback levels. In order to be successful in future auctions you must offer the customer superior customer service so they will provide positive feedback to your eBay business. As you grow more experienced, your reputation as a excellent merchant will only increase your profits.

Dropshipping: Risk Versus Reward

The secret to the success of any young business is making sure your costs are minimized and the same is true of an eBay venture. Dropshipping is unique in that you have few up-front costs and no need to purchase and store large amounts of inventory. In the end, the key to your eBay business succeeding is you. If you are willing to put forth the effort, research and the patience to see the job through, you will find dropshipping one of your greatest eBay business assets
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The author has been successfully selling on eBay for over 10 years and is the founder of DropshipHQ.net, the premier resource for dropshipping and starting an eBay business. Sign-up for a free dropshipping trial at http://www.DropshipHQ.net today!
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