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Why Newbie Must Find A Right Niche For His Online Home Based Business Opportunity

Aug 6, 2008
Actually most newbies think, that their online home based business opportunity succeed better if they will sell everything to everybody, because the market is then bigger. From the marketing point of view this attitude leads to bad results.

1.Why Nokia Does Not Sell Toothpaste?

The answer is simple. Nokia wants to be number one in mobile handsets and it has an expertise to be that. It cannot be number one in the toothpaste market, because it has no expertise in that.

So one brand or a company has only a certain expertise, a unique benefit, which the target market will accept. The smaller the company is, the more narrower the concept should be.

2.The Internet Is Huge, Which Requires A Sharp Specialty.

Actually you have to think small to become big, what a paradox! But this is true. Your online home based business opportunity has chances to succeed if you can stand out from the crowd with your laser sharp consumer promise.

Try to offer a very clear promise. Tell what the user can benefit and what he has to do to get the benefit. And tell this in the headline already. This will increase the conversion rate and to draw the right people to your online home based business opportunity site.

3.The Content Should Be Narrow, But The Marketing Should Be Wide.

It is important to see the difference between the niche content and the marketing of your online home based business opportunity. If the content must be niche, the marketing should cover a wide area of the target group and needs.

It is also important to understand that the marketing can still follow the niche strategy and be very wide, using for instance the right set of long tail keywords.

4.Do Not Skip The Niche Strategy, If It Does Not Sell Right Away!

Instaed, try to find new markets or market niches for your promise. Actually this is not difficult, because there are an endless amount of keyphrases, which will fit to your content. To keep your original promise and business plan is a key for the success of your online home based business opportunity.

You have to see, that the brand image grows slowly and needs several contacts, between 5 to 7, with the same prospect, before the trust starts to grow. This is a step by step process and it takes time.

5.Add Power To The Marketing And Keep The Strategy.

To market your online home based business opportunity requires consistency and every now and then you will have a strong desire to change the strategy, i.e. your whole business plan. Do not do it!

In most cases the reason is not there, I mean in the strategy. You should first research the execution of the strategy, i.e. the content of your marketing and the amount of actions you have done.

All in all, the niche marketing strategy is a strong success factor by which also a newbie can start to build his expertsie. Devide your first ideas into smaller pieces and once more smaller pieces and you will find out an unbeliable sharp promise to your online home based business opportunity.
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