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How to Make Money With Clickbank

Aug 6, 2008
Affiliate marketing has become one of the most prominent ways to make money online. Many people have marketing and sales skills, yet do not have anything to sell, leaving their talents untapped. With affiliate marketing, one can sell someone else's products, and then take a commission off each sale they make. Being that affiliate marketing is so intensely popular these days, networks have emerged which bring together affiliates and Internet marketers. One of the most widely known affiliate networks is Clickbank, which offers literally thousands of products available for promotion.

Starting out with Clickbank is relatively simple. First, you need to set up an account, which you can do quickly and easily at the Clickbank website. After that initial step, you are basically ready to start selling. By visiting the marketplace, you can browse through all the various products to find one you would like to promote. There are many things you must consider when deciding on a product to sell. While many people believe that the commission rate, which usually ranges between twenty five and seventy five percent, is the most important factor, it actually falls behind many other considerations.

Even if a product has a low commission rate, if it is in high demand and easily sellable, you can make a lot more money by selling a lot of that product then a few of another product with a high commission. Spend time researching different products to get an overview of the demand for each of them. The higher a demand for a product, the higher the chance you will be able to sell it. A baseline to work off of can be derived by asking yourself the question, Would I buy this product? If you would, then there is a good chance other people would as well, and it is something you should contemplate utilizing.

Being that there are so many products to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding on just one. The great thing about Clickbank is you can promote an unlimited number of products. Of course, it is best to focus on a few premier choices, as if you diversity too much, you may end up not being able to sell anything. If you are going to sell multiple products, it is best to stay in a single industry. For example, you do not want to have four dissimilar ads all next to each other, as it is somewhat disorienting to the consumer. By focusing on one specific niche, you greatly increase your chances of success and your sales.

If you already have a website, you can integrate Clickbank products right in to it as if they were normal advertisements. You may prefer, however, to start a website that focuses specifically on promoting Clickbank products. Successful Internet marketers often take this path, designing a website in a targeted niche that sells dozens of related Clickbank products.

Launching a website entails many steps, including purchasing a domain name, finding a host, and installing a template or hiring a web designer. To drive traffic to your website, you can write articles related to your niche and host them on your site, as well as submit them to article directories. Promoting a Clickbank website is like doing so for any other business, and you have consistent access to new products that you can add wherever and whenever you prefer.
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