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Reception Furniture: Form or Function?

Aug 6, 2008
The reception is one of the most significant areas in a hotel. This serves as the face of the hotel's interior, where the guests first see the physical interior of the hotel as well as first experience the hotel's service.

This is why, it is indeed necessary for hotel owners to make sure that their hotel's reception area is done right. A badly done reception area can easily send potential guests rushing to the exit door while the exact opposite will make them look forward to their stay.

One of the things that make up a good reception area are the pieces of furniture in it. Tables, chairs, reception counter, couches and so many more contribute to the overall appearance and efficiency of this area.

For this reason, it is important that you are able to find the right pieces of furniture that will make guests feel that they have come to the right place.

In the quest for finding the right kind of reception furniture, the question of whether form is more important that function or function more than form will always enter your mind at some point.

Somehow, it's hard to weigh which has more value. Some will contend that form is more valuable since it is the physical appearance of the furniture that will attract and draw guests to go inside your hotel. While others will argue that function is the way to go since the efficiency of the furniture will make guests come back to your hotel again and again.

But if you really think about it, the reason why it's hard to decide which bears more weight is simply because they are just equally important. Both form and function serves vital purposes that will make a piece of furniture a worthy investment.

What is form without function? And what is function without form? Truly, the two aspects work hand in hand to provide the guests with the right kind of service that your hotel stands for.

When purchasing tables, chairs and couches to be placed in the reception area, put yourself in the guests' shoes and imagine what you will feel if you encounter furniture that has either of the two aspects missing.

For example, you may find this stylish couch very pleasing to the eyes, but you will be horrified to discover that it is bound to give you a backache because it is very uncomfortable to sit on.

While on the other hand, a dirty and hideous couch can easily turn you off and force you to make a mental note to book a different hotel next time. In your mind, you could be thinking that the bedrooms are probably worse.

So in order for you to make sure that the guests will feel comfortable and welcome in your hotel, opt for pieces of reception furniture that will not only please their eyes and give off an inviting atmosphere but also provide paramount comfort and coziness.

As with the aspect of form, it is important that you look for pieces of furniture that complement the theme of the hotel as well as go well together. With this tip in mind, buying furniture that will not clash with the color and design of the reception area and buying them in sets are the sensible things to do.

With regards to function, make sure you only opt for high quality brands that will assure you of durability, comfort and safety all at the same time. Examine and check the parts of the furniture before buying and try them yourself to see if they will indeed do good service for your guests.

Finding the right pieces of hotel furniture is one of the most significant steps you have to take into the ladder of success for your business.
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