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Work At Home Data Entry Job - Right in Front of Your Face!

Aug 7, 2008
Work at home data entry jobs are among some of the most sought after jobs online. And its no wonder; many of them offer great competitive wages, the benefits of working from home and depending on the company, an extensive employee benefits package.

Because of their high demand and high scam rate, a work at home data entry clerical job can be difficult to land. To make the search less overwhelming you should consider going local.

Below are reasons why you should search locally for a work at home data entry job.

1. Decreased scam potential:

Companies that advertise for world wide candidates are more likely to be scams. No legitimate work at home employer is going to ship valuable, irreplaceable source data across country to a total stranger to enter the data when they have far more typists than they need right in their local area.

2. Creating your resume is easier:

When you are creating your resume for a local a work at home data entry job you may be able to add companies that youve already worked for where you did similar tasks. This gives you an advantage, because the company is more likely to be familiar with the company you worked for and having prior experience is a major plus with any job industry.

3. Ask local businesses to outsource:

A number of local companies now outsource clerical duties to work at home data entry employees. However, many of these companies do not advertise. Its up to you to get there and ask. If you know of a local medical clinic or small business office visit the location and find out if they outsource to work at home agents. If not, ask if they would consider hiring one on contractual basis. Most companies can see the benefits of hiring a work at home data entry clerk.

4. Easier to verify business:

Before you take on any work at home job you have to verify the companys legitimacy, especially if youre considering a work at home data entry job as these job are associated with numerous scams.

Checking if the job is legitimate can be difficult when you are applying for an out-of-town/country job. But when you search locally, verifying is much easier. Find out if the company has a physical address and then pay a visit. If the work at home data entry job website does not display an address be wary but dont throw the towel in just yet.

Some people who outsource work at home data entry jobs work directly from their home and dont feel comfortable displaying their home address. Instead, phone them and ask the questions you need to, including: how long they've been in business, what the job entails and if you can talk to others they employ in your area. If their answers are fishy, or if they refuse to provide you with any information, walk away.

5. Higher chance of pay increase:

Worldwide work at home jobs tend to be very competitive. Thus, employers are less likely to negotiate pay. However working for a local company increases your chance of getting a higher income since you can compare what in house counter parts are receiving as well as what other local work at home data entry companies pay.
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