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What to Consider When Developing a Website

Aug 7, 2008
Sometimes websites are created for providing information and sometimes, websites are created for selling products and running business online. In all the cases, a website is aimed at the end-user and so, it becomes very important that you build a website that is useful for an end-user. A website is meant for an end-user and so, you should make sure that your users are not getting confused, irritated while browsing your site.

An attractive website design attracts the users but it's not sufficient to make them come again and again. In order to make your users come to your site again and again, you should make sure that you have the quality content on your website and the visitors are able to use the site easily and conveniently.

Everyone on Internet is looking for websites that are informative and easy to use. A website that is not easy to use is likely to lose its users. No one in the world has the time to go through four to five steps in order to read an article and even if they do it for one article, they are not likely to do it again and again. There are already a number of websites and a number of websites are being launched regularly and so, it becomes necessary to make a website that is very easy to use. It should be very easy to navigate through the pages on the site and the best way to do so is to link the pages together with proper anchor text as this helps the users to go to the pages that are of their interest.

An individual should try to use the colors, text font, banners that don't hurt the eyes and he should also try to provide the information on the pages in order to help the users to browse the articles. It is advisable to avoid building sites that have a confusing site structure as users are most likely to feel lost while browsing a site with illogical structure and they're most likely to leave the site.

So, a website should be simple to use and it should not confuse the users in any way. It's also a good idea to place the map of the site on a page as this helps the users to understand the different sections available on the website. A website builder should always remember that sites are built for users and so, he should try to look from user's point of view in order to make a website that is easy to use.

Usually, sites have a number of informative pages and users love such sites but sometimes, it is too difficult for a user to find the information available on the site. Having informative articles on the site is one thing and making them reachable for users is a different thing. A website builder should try to build different categories for the articles and authors should publish the articles in appropriate categories. Also, a user cannot reach an article available on the site unless there is a link available for it.

So, it's advisable to link an article from other related articles available on the site. It is also a good idea to have a search function on the site which can be used by the users so as to search the articles available on the site. Again, try to see the site from user's point of view and make sure that users of the site are able to find the articles conveniently.
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