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Offshore Bank Accounts: Use Your ATM Debit Card World Wide

Aug 7, 2008
Constant news that these accounts are used for illegal money dealings scares us away. Hollywood has done its fair share of publicity portraying offshore banking in a negative way.

Actually offshore bank accounts are legal and more than half the world's wealth is owned through them. However if an individual or a corporation uses this facility for illegal purposes then it becomes illegal. Just like on shore accounts!

Banks that are located in another foreign country are known as offshore banks and offshore banking is done by these banks. You cannot have an offshore bank in your own country but a bank of your country can be termed as an offshore bank for others who are not residents of your country.

For offshore bank accounts Switzerland happens to be one of the oldest and most preferred countries with its legendary bank privacy laws. There are many advantages associated with offshore banking that attracts people.

* It offers privacy and stability and helps increase savings.

* Individuals who have offshore bank accounts do not access it often; rather they spend money from their accounts in a local bank.

* Offshore deposits are kept for future or emergency uses and as such these accumulate considerably over a period of time.

* One more advantage of offshore banking is that anyone irrespective of wealth can open an account. There may be certain regulations regarding the amount of money required to open an offshore account but contrary to belief it is not a massive sum. Along with the wealthy clients even a small business owner or a middle class individual can have offshore bank accounts.

Offshore banking also provides other advantages such as offshore credit cards processing services. Businessmen can accept and process payments and multiple currencies through this offshore credit card and thereby reach out to a worldwide clientele.

Offshore banking with its offshore credit card facility results in sales increase for clients and this process features zero taxation. The reason for this is that in an offshore destination normal tax rules do not apply and thus gives an extra benefit to clients. With speedy processing and a constant support system offshore credit cards makes your business work 24/7 and gives it an edge while striving to make business transactions easier.

Similarly offshore debit card transactions are also faster, authorization is quick and clients receive confirmations at the same time. The processing charges are also less and feature various online security and fraud screening. Often clients do not have to pay any gateway fee for processing.

Considering these various advantages offshore debit card processing has become all the more popular throughout the world. Increasingly, with new businesses looking for competitive innovation and focusing on maximizing customer attention, offshore banking has become an important business tool to further business interests and profits.

Businessmen are opting for offshore banking to develop their existing business and no doubt the credit/debit card facilities of offshore banks offer high security to them, and not just for savings!
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