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Inflatable Industry Growing Every Year, And Coming To A Place Near You

Aug 17, 2007
Many, many years ago, all that children received on their birthday was presents, and a cake, and perhaps a small party if they were good.boy have things changed!

The inflatable products market is really "taking off" (if you excuse the pun!) as more and more children follow the trend for larger and better birthday parties. The industry is unrecognisable from only 5 years ago, and has become more professional and focused, as the craze sweeps around the World.

Bouncy castles, slides and combos are now common-place at local fairs, churches, schools, parties - it seems that where there are children, there is a necessity for better and better children's entertainment.

As the market continues to grow, so the range and number of suppliers / manufacturers and hire companies expands further and further. The range of products covers the smallest of one person slides, to the largest inflatable castle that you could imagine. So what is really fuelling the increase in demand?

There are a number of factors involved in this phenomenal growth, which include falling purchase and hire costs, product quality and most importantly the safety aspect. While safety has always been a major issue with children's products, advances over the last few years have increased user confidence.

Also, the industry is now well encamped in the part-time home business market, which is proving more and more popular as people look for ways to top-up their normal income and give their families that little bit extra. The ease of access to the ever changing range of products, simple operation instructions and a useful income for those willing to work, have all contributed to a substantial increase in demand.

The attraction to party planners, fair organisers and the like is simple - guaranteed money! At these fund raising events the first thing the children will make for is the bouncy castle, and you will not see the adults complaining - a few minutes of peace and quiet!

What is the attraction for parents, and birthday parties? There are many reasons why this private party market is becoming more popular, but perhaps the main on is that the kids actually love them. Bigger and better, more colourful than before, with additional play areas, a quality inflatable will keep the kids busy for hours. As the children are all confined into this relatively small play area, it is much easier to handle slightly bigger parties than before.

The inflatable industry actually began in the UK, many years ago, before spreading to that generator of trends, the USA. As the US market becomes more and more saturated with an increasing number of entrants to the industry, many companies have spread their operations to Europe, and other overseas markets.

So where will the market go from here? The inflatable industry is proving more and more innovative with new products being introduced all of the time, including interactive areas where kids can play with inflatable toys - safe from harm, but having great fun. What next?
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