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Does Your Business Need a Myspace Layout?

Aug 7, 2008
Many people think that Myspace is simply a place where teenagers gather to exchange comments and animated graphics. What most of us forget is that Myspace was originally created as a venue for musicians (new and old) to promote their work. The fact that the average internet user got in on the gig is just a strange and wonderful fluke.

Myspace is one of the major players in the land of social networking and these days most people feel that, for a business to succeed - no matter what its niche or goals - a Myspace page is necessary. That said: does your business need a Myspace layout? What are the reasons to list your business in Myspace?

1. Myspace offers an informal way for people to interact with your company - they can leave comments, send quick messages to ask questions, etc. While a formal website is also a must, Myspace can be utilized to show off your company's true personality.

2. In addition to the ability to send out news bulletins to every one of your "friends" and to announce events and company changes via Myspace's blog feature, Myspace also offers business owners the ability to post team photos and photos of recent events.

3. At its core, Myspace is a networking venue. Your Myspace "friends" are all potential business contacts and when you are added to your friends' networks, you are given access to all of their contacts. It doesn't take long for Myspace to turn your business networking experience into a "six degrees of separation" exercise.

4. Myspace videos are viral, so if you create a video for your company that becomes popular among your network, there is the very real possibility that it will be passed along throughout Myspace and will help you grow your network exponentially!

5. Myspace offers business owners a new way to build their company's' brands. Thanks to the diversity of Myspace, the personality showcased on your Myspace page can be parlayed into your business's branding efforts.

6. More exposure is good exposure. The more people who know your business exist; the better things look for your profit margins. Myspace is a great way to spread the word about your business.

Myspace is more than a gossip mechanism for teenagers and a way to reconnect with old classmates. Nowadays, Myspace has become a valuable marketing tool for all kinds of artists, business owners and entrepreneurs.
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