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How Press Releases Can Power Your Site To Number 1 Overnight

Aug 7, 2008
The idea of writing a press release to let the world know what is going on is not a new idea. What is new, however, is the idea of harnessing the power of a press release and utilizing it in the online environment. With a little bit of know how, you can get your site to the top of the search engines literally overnight!

Firstly, lets look at exactly why a press release is so effective. A press release allows you a unique positioning tool that can place your site in the limelight so to speak. The edge that you can get with a press release is that you can be placed not just in the regular search engine rankings, but in the news rankings in the search engines. That means a serious amount of potential traffic! By using a press release you can get a huge number of backlinks quickly, have a large number of people seek out your site in the first 24 hours and also position yourself to be an authority in your area of expertise! Not bad for taking a little time to find out how press releases work.

So knowing how much you can achieve in such a short time, you are no doubt now wanting to find out just how you can make this work for you. Well to get started lets look at just how to write a press release.
To begin, lets look at exactly what a press release is. Put simply a press release is a statement that is given to the press announcing any newsworthy topic, such as an event or a recent occurrence. This being the case you need to understand how you can write this type of announcement and who you need to give it to.

Writing a press release is fairly simple, and it just follows a standard format that contains several key elements. Start with a headline title with upper case beginnings of words just as you would find in a newspaper. This should be bold and typed in a larger point size than the rest of the piece. Following this you will have a short paragraph or synopsis that is a bit longer than the title and summarizes the key points of the press release in a slightly different way to the headline you began with.

The body of the press release will need to follow a format that you would usually see in the newspaper and may have even heard of without really considering fully. You will start with the location and date, followed by a short attention grabbing sentence. After that you need to go through the who, what, when, where, why and how. This is more or less the style of any newspaper report, and like the news paper report the press release should contain short paragraphs and focused succinct writing.

Finally you need to finish with a brief paragraph about the subject you are announcing, where more information can be found and who you are. Follow this with a brief add on paragraph about your company and end with the contact person and details of your business organization. You are then finished writing your first press release!

Writing a press release that is focused, written without hype and timely to other current events are the key factors to make yours stand out from the rest. Remember that journalists can be a fairly skeptical bunch, so keep your press release focused and stick to concise points made without overly emotive language. An informative and well written press release will put you directly in line to zoom up the search engines and you will have a great deal of success when you know how to utilize them to your full advantage.
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