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How to Get Blogging Jobs

Aug 7, 2008
If your current blog isn't bringing in the money that you need or you simply love blogging, you may want to consider hiring out your services to other blog owners. Some people would like to make money from blogs but either do not have the time to post regularly, simply are not interested in writing posts, or are poor writers. This is where you come in. You can help out another blog owner and fatten your bank account as well. There are several ways that you can go about finding or creating blogging jobs for yourself. We will review some of them.

Create blog posts packages: Write 365 blog posts about a popular topic and then sale them to another internet marketer: This is a way to create a blogging job for yourself. You can write about any topic that you want and you can work when you want to. If you would like, you could sit down and write 365, 250-350 word posts. If you work fast, you could have this done in about 2 weeks. Then you just need to visit some marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum or Digital Point forum and sale them. Be sure to write on a broad topic and to optimize some of the posts for keywords in the niche. The risks with this method are that people will not buy your post package or that they will not be able to afford it all at once. In these cases, write out about 30 posts and then send them to your clients on a monthly basis.

Promote your services at internet marketing forums: Many internet marketers are looking for blog writers. Promoting your services on sites like Digital Forum and the Warrior Forum are great places to attract clients.

Promote your services online: You can promote your services through pay-per-click. This is a way to get fast, targeted traffic.

Promote your services at free classified sites: Free classified sites like Craiglist or Backpage are good places to advertise your services. Just be sure that you get at least partial payment upfront.

Check out blogging job boards: There are job boards that are specifically aimed at writers looking for blogging jobs. There is apt to be plenty competition so make sure that you have a resume and samples on hand that you can send out quickly.

Go Offline: There are plenty of businesses that would love to start a blog but who do not know where to begin. Even if your knowledge is limited, you probably know more then 90% of businesses offline. Offer a free seminar on blogging or call up businesses in your area and tell them that you are an internet consultant and would love to give them a free consultation. Then up-sell them after you have gotten your foot in the door.

Finding or creating blogging jobs is a great way to earn some money. Because blogs tend to be shorter then articles you can write them quickly. If you would rather write on your own schedule, then consider creating short blog post packages and selling them to marketers. You may want to create a blog and update it for your clients as well. This is great and simple way to earn from your blogging efforts.
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