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Marketing Affiliate Programs On A Shoestring Budget

Aug 7, 2008
Affiliate marketing programs sometimes give the impression that you can set up a successful business with little or no outlay. Once you join and enter their website training, if they have any, you may see lessons recommending that you pay to advertise. It could be ezines, classifieds, co-ops or any of a number of paid promotional activities. Some of these methods may start off free but the temptation is to upgrade these programs because you are promised better results.

This contradicts the original claim by the affiliate program that you can make money without having to outlay money. The truth is that for the average newbie to internet marketing, the overnight success strategies are likely to fail. That is assuming that you do not have your own large list of loyal customers. If you send your ad to someone else's list of jaded recipients who have already been swamped with similar offers, then you may find it tough to succeed unless you are experienced with that strategy.

So what is the best marketing plan if you are an affiliate newbie? Having a professional mindset is a good start. If you were embarking on a traditional business requiring a huge financial outlay, you would most likely learn everything you could about the business. You would most likely not expect overnight success.

The requirements of marketing affiliate programs on the internet are similar. Although you don't need to spend a fortune to set up a business, you will still need to spend some money on strategies that will get you results. Some of the basics you will need are as follows.

1. Registration of your own unique domain name. This will give your business an individual identity rather than being regarded as just another affiliate link.

2. Your own website which you can use to promote programs from more than one merchant. This gives your business more than one stream of income.

3. Time spent optimizing your website for the benefit of the search engines. Choose keywords that attract traffic but not too competitive.

4. Once your site is up and running and optimized, then start creating backlinks. Some of the methods of doing this are submitting to directories, writing and submitting articles, leaving comments on blogs and forums.

The strategies above will take some money, depending on how much of the work you wish to do, and how much you want to outsource. It will take a lot of work, time and patience waiting for your site to move up the search engine rankings. If you succeed and have chosen effective keywords, then you will be rewarded with highly targeted traffic. Affiliate marketing programs make the set up easier but it still takes time and effort to promote your site.
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David Barker is the webmaster of www.DavesAffiliateMarketing.com and provides information on launching six Affiliate Marketing Programs and a free ebook.
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