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Commercial Lighting Systems

Aug 7, 2008
Commercial lighting systems are far more complex than they appear at face value. A multitude of factors influences the choice of equipment, placement of fixtures, and degrees of illumination appropriate to structures, terrain, and after-hours activity. Many companies fear the costs associated with a commercial lighting system and seek to reduce overhead with generic equipment. This creates more problems than it solves. Cheap fixtures and poor design creates blinding spots of glare that cast shadows, creating both an eyesore and a number of safety and security hazards. It is better to make a one-time investment that comprehensively addresses the five key elements required to create an effective commercial lighting system.


Security ranks as top concern for building owners investing in a commercial lighting system. Both vandalism and theft constitute a major risk of loss that proper lighting can do a great deal to help prevent. Particularly for organizations with night crews working on loading docks, or maintenance and cleaning crews entering and exiting the building in the dark, a well-planned commercial lighting system creates a safe work environment and provides visibility crucial to safety and awareness. Illuminations Lighting, for example, consults with building management to determine the extent of nighttime activity on property, then combines perimeter flood lights and exterior lighting to ensure that all personnel on premises can clearly see their surroundings without being blinded by glare and without any shadows that could hide an intruder or lead to an injury in the dark.

Parking Lot Lighting

Appropriate visibility in the parking lot constitutes a major factor in every commercial lighting system. Parking lot lights are actually regulated by the government, and by law must produce a minimum of four foot candles of light. Neglecting this element in a commercial lighting system not only places drivers and pedestrians at risk in the parking lot, it creates even further liability in the form of possible government fines. Outdoor lighting contractors should test lighting levels in any parking lot and offers a wide variety of poles, lights, and fixtures to create bright, glare free outdoor lighting for commercial parking lots of all sizes.

Commercial Exterior Lighting

Exterior lights are critical elements in commercial lighting systems as they illuminate all sides of the building and ensure that building access points are clearly lit in a balanced level of light that dispels shadows without glare. Exterior lighting designers utilize skills learned in architectural design cross training programs that enable them to link multiple buildings together in a field of natural-looking light that prevents unauthorized personnel from approaching the building without detection and also keeps walkways, sidewalks, and doorways in clear and constant view for nighttime visitors and workers. They also place additional, selective lighting around driveways and signs to ensure safe after-hours access for authorized vehicles and night deliveries.

Architectural Lighting

Hand in hand with exterior lighting is architectural lighting, which adds an aesthetic element to a commercial lighting system. Every building, regardless of size or builder design, features on or more unique points of differentiation that set it apart from surrounding structures. This makes it possible to turn apparently ordinary structures into illuminated edifices of light that stand preeminent against the skyline and make a company stand out from its neighbors and competitors with a unique, impeccable appearance.

Landscape Lighting

As more and more smaller companies landscape their grounds to beautify and differentiate their property, and as increasing numbers of high-end clients look to upgrade and expand their commercial landscape lighting systems, today's new commercial lighting projects feature layered lighting effects that work to highlight natural beauty and unite terrain with human engineering to create a synthesis of terrain and structure. By combining layered lighting and cost-effective energy saving technology in each of these five major arenas, a truly high-end commercial lighting system can be created for any company of any size, anywhere in Texas.
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