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Search Engine Optimization Requires Some Basic Knowledge

Aug 7, 2008
When you get right down to it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the implementation of some basic knowledge to your web pages. When you get the many bits and pieces of this basic knowledge put together and onto your pages, your entire site will come together as a whole with the result being well ranked pages.

Getting your site optimized is the first thing you should endeavor to do once you have your site built and online. I would suggest learning about SEO before you jump in and start making changes. It's a progression of code and content changes that you should do in a certain way to ensure that the engines will actually like, and respond by ranking you better.

Whatever your situation I would advise that you avoid jumping on your site and making a lot of changes before you have a plan to optimize. Get some good solid SEO methodology under your belt before you just go willy nilly at your site making changes. It pays to know what you are doing.

There is a difference between using a keyword five times on a page, and 50 times. The engines want to find sites that appear natural, and if you ask me, do not appear to have been optimized! This is very important, and a lot more important than most people ever will realize. The sites that seem to rank the best are those that do not appear to be excessively optimized, and have lots and lots of inbound links using many different keyword combinations for anchor text ... yes, even "Click Here".

SEO is common sense, but it is even more than that. It is understanding how different html tags works together, and how the search engines will perceive that. It is a lot of trial and error which will, in the end, lead you to good solid and proper optimization techniques. All of this will lead you to better search engine rankings.

Let's face it, without listings "above the fold", (visible without scrolling) on the first page at Google, you are just not going to get many visitors. You need to get your site into these top positions in order to make any real advancement in your online marketing.

You will get 99% of your traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo! No doubt about that. You need to optimize your site for these engines. By this I mean take each page of your site and optimize each part of the page for these engines.

There are many optimization techniques, both on-site and off-site. The main on-site changes you will want to make will be to improve or add on the 1) title tag, 2) code attributes (alt=, title= and summary=), 3) keyword density, 4) use of H1 and h2 tags, maybe even using H3 tags, 5) your navigation and anchor text used, 6) meta description and keywords tags and 7) internal linking. Get all these things right and you have the major SEO efforts taken care of.
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