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Welding Hose Reels, Electric - Motorized & Hand Crank Spring Loaded Welding Cable Reels

Aug 7, 2008
Welding hoses and welding cables must be managed with a special kind of hose reel. These welding hose reels and cable reels are engineered specifically to safeguard your investment in expensive hoses and cable by protecting against wear and ensuring performance for the duration of its anticipated life span. Each series model offers multiple sizes for varying environments and features unique characteristics for support, hose management, retraction, safety, and versatility in application.

Motor-Driven Welding Hose Reels

Motorized reels are available in heavy duty models and lightweight models. The heavy duty model features a direct bevel gear drive, low profile outlet riser, open drum slot, and dual brass swivel inlets to ensure smooth, even, and steady hands free retrieval of your welding hose. The lightweight unit is designed as a compact and versatile, smaller version of the heavy duty unit. It is build around a "U" shaped frame and all steel construction to provide additional safety and stability.

Both models can also be ordered from in manual, hand crank retraction if necessary.

Hand Crank Welding Hose Reels

Hand crank reels are based on the heavy duty welding hose reel design and are used for hoses and cables in situations where external power may not yet be available, such as new construction sites and offsite outdoor locations.

Spring Driven Welding Hose Reels

When your hands are full, and you cannot use a hand crank reel, spring driven welding hose reels offer you the convenience of automatic retrieval without the hassle of having to locate an external power source.

Spring driven reels are designed to manage bulky twin line welding hose. Two sizes are available. The standard size reel is compact and designed for operations in crowded facilities. A larger unit can also be ordered that is meant for larger environments where extra capacity is needed for exceptionally long lengths of welding hose. This series features a proprietary dual axle support system that keeps the unit stable during retraction use and minimizes vibration during use.

Welding Hose Reels with Spring Driven Safety Retraction

In some environments, static buildup can be hazardous due to the combustibility of nearby fuel, chemicals, or fumes in the air. In such an environment is necessary to use hose reels that are built to retrieve hoses and cables without building up a static charge. This is accomplished by using a special spring-driven retraction mechanism that has been modified to turn the hub at only 20% the normal rate of speed than standard model reels, and to end the retraction cycle gently without slamming the last bit of hose onto the reel.

These welding hose reels, like other spring driven units, also feature super hub, dual axle support to maintain stability and rigidity while in use. Both compact and standard sized reels are available.

Welding Cable Reels

Welding cable is expensive, and not something you want to replace because of careless handling or accidents. Protect your investment with 25, 35, or 50 foot self-retracting welding cable reel. These units are ideal for maintaining a clean, safe, and well-organized work environment at all times. You can order these from your vendor in either hand crank retraction or motorized retraction. Ideal as well for extremely long cable lengths, these reels feature internal components set inside the drum to allow for a narrower, compact coil on the reel, and they can also accommodate an optional stacking bracket to create a lead/ground combination when required.

Most of these reels can be further customized with any number of accessories. Ask your material handling specialist about customization options.
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