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Sandals - Theses Shoes Were Made For Advertising

Aug 7, 2008
Any given day in summer, strolling down any given street, people are looking for ways to escape the heat. Some stay locked inside their air-conditioned abodes. But others, most particularly beach lovers, want to be comfortable out of doors as well as in. For those people, one of the very last things they want to deal with is hot, sweaty feet. Instead, during the steamy months of summer, most people prefer the coolness and freedom that comes with wearing sandals.

Once a company is fully aware of this fact, they have the means to take advantage of it by using printed sandals as promotional materials. Footwear may seem an odd choice for advertising, but given the array of people wearing this type of shoes, their visibility simply can't be topped. And then there is the variety. Imprinting of your business name and possibly even logo can be done on either the strap or instep, or even on both.

Branded sandals can be purchased at an extremely inexpensive price for places such as spas, where clientele will wear them within the confines of the building or for only a short while outside - such as to allow a pedicure to dry. This style, however, isn't really designed for either long term or daily wear. For that level of marketing power, a more substantial monetary investment is necessary.

Fortunately, the array of corporate sandals goes far beyond spa wear. There are options for daily wear as well as those made with even sturdier construction to withstand the abuse that comes with running. There are even personalized sandals available with adjustable or suede straps for a more polished appearance. Those styles are ideally suited for wearing every day, wherever the day may take the person wearing them.

Of course, if you consider strap size and the fact that the instep isn't visible once the sandals are on a person's feet, it may be difficult to see them as effective marketing. And that is what makes the last option on the list so special. Customizable soles, also called ""talking footprints"", are all the rage in beach areas. These branded sandals have a die cut of your company name on the bottom of the shoe. That means that whenever a step is taken in the sand, or with wet sandals for that matter, your company name is left behind for all to see. It may be a transitory form of advertising, but due to its very unique nature, it is both eye-catching and effective.

Therefore, even though corporate branded sandals may seem suited only to specific businesses, they are realistically ideal advertising for any company. Use them as employee gifts or at company events, for client promotions, or as part of a gift for an important visitor from another company or country. Because of their affordability, there is no end to the ways printed sandals can be distributed by your business. As such, there is also no end to the ways they will bring your company's name to the attention of the general public.
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Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Sandals and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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