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A World Of Opportunity - Making Money With Foreign Markets

Aug 7, 2008
When we look at opportunities, we often only think of the US and English speaking markets to target. However, there is a world of opportunity that you can target. As you read this article, you will learn a world of opportunity.

We often think that English is the target language we should aim for, after all most countries focus on teaching English, either as a primary language or secondary language. However, doing so, we limit our potential.

The internet has opened many doors of opportunity, and opportunities for success. We could target the English language; however, we would be missing a world of opportunity. This opportunity is in other languages.

More and more smart entrepreneurs are targeting foreign markets, and it is proving successful, and here is why...

China has an estimated 1.3 billion people, now that is a big figure. China's population surpasses the population of the US and UK put together. Also 874 million people speak Mandarin, which is the biggest language spoken in China. This amount of prospective prospects makes the Mandarin language a point to strongly consider as a market to break into.

The next biggest language which is spoken is Hindustani with a whopping 426 million people speaking Hindustani, again another great figure to consider to market to, and one which can not be overlooked. Already, we are at a count of 1.3 billion people with only 2 languages other than the English language.

Next we have Spanish with 358 million people speaking Spanish. Only then at number 4 is the English language with 341 million people speaking English. As you can see, this makes our focus suddenly change, as we see markets which could prove very profitable.

How do we target these markets? This question is answered easily, thanks to the internet. Where in the past targeting these markets would have been difficult, today the internet has changed all that. More and more of the people in this world are using the internet. This allows almost everyone to be able to access your website, and thus your products and or services.

This process of marketing to foreign markets does have its dilemmas, however. Such problems that could exist are if you have physical products. It simply may not be cost benefit to deal with shipping to those countries. However, many products and services can be conducted with foreign markets.

People, who target these foreign markets today, will be the wealthy of tomorrow. As these countries, where in the past were operating with much lower average yearly incomes, today it is rising as many are starting to realize a world of opportunity. And here is where an opportunity exists for you.

Targeting these markets could be as simple as getting a widget for your website that translates your website into other languages. Services such as Babel Fish translator and others are making this an easy possibility.

Next would be to make sure that products and services can be purchased in those countries currencies, though many of these countries also operate with the Dollar, which is a standard, apart from local country businesses. Also research must be undertaken to value to risk, as some countries have more fraud then others.

There is a world of opportunity, when you can target these markets; you might find that your bottom line increases significantly. Many markets do not target these other countries. By you targeting your business in these foreign markets, you gain an upper hand.
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