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Waste Bags as Ecologically Responsible Promotional Items

Aug 7, 2008
The best promotional items will be effective on many different levels. For example, they will get your name out into the public's awareness, but they will also be useful to your customer. Ideally, they will work on another level as well; they will say something about your company, about your values, and the way you want to do business.

This isn't always possible, of course. Sometimes a pen is just a pen and a t-shirt just a t-shirt. But at their best, promotional items can make a statement about what you believe in and care about, including your client's comfort or convenience.

This is the case with ecologically responsible or ecologically friendly products. Sometimes known as "green," in that they strive to be earth-friendly, these products not only market your goods or services, they also do their part to avoid any more damage to the planet. In turn, they tell your employees, clients, customers, and others who come across them that not only are you a good business, but you care about a lot more than just your bottom line.

As strange as it might sound, one promotional product that can do all this for you is waste bags. They fulfill the first rule of promotional products, that they be useful to the customer, because everyone generates waste of different kinds. They can stock their kitchen and other places with your ecologically friendly, biodegradable bags, and see your name--and think of your commitment to the planet-- every time the draw one from the box.

There are several different kinds of green waste bags that can have your corporate logo printed on them:

* Trash bin bags. These biodegradable bags often include ventilation which helps food waste dry out. If it dries, it will not attract bugs, mold, or bacteria. Without these things, odors are minimized and being in the kitchen becomes much more pleasant. Your customer will not forget that it is you and your company who have made these improvements.

* Food waste bags. There are like the bin bags described above, but much smaller, designed to hold the food waste of one meal or day's worth of work in the kitchen. The bag is highly biodegradable and so can be composted easily or thrown directly into an earth-friendly waste system.

* Doggy bags. For customers with pets, following their dog with a scoop and bag is simply one part of dog ownership. You can help them do it in an environmentally friendly way, reminding them not only of your own responsibility in this area, but that a cleaner earth benefits animals as well as people.

* Portable toilet bags. Instead of traditional portable toilets that collect the waste of hundreds of people in one place, these portable toilets use individual bags that can then be buried or simply put directly into the sewer system. The bags will disintegrate, leaving things cleaner and more pleasant--thank to your foresight--than they would have been without you.
About the Author
Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Waste Bags and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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