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How to Host Your Own Blog

Aug 7, 2008
There is no doubt that blogs or weblogs are the in thing at the moment. A blog is the equivalent of a diary that is published on the internet and it allows the blogger to regularly post about their thoughts, feelings, musing and opinions that they want the world to know about. These posts are meant to be truthful expressions and something that people want to share with the world at large. A blog can be about any topic at all and it doesn't have to just use words, it can use images or video clips too.

A great thing about blogs is that they are designed to encourage interaction and other people to get involved with their thoughts and feelings too. This means that most blogs steer clear of anything too controversial in an attempt to attract more people.

Many companies offer blog hosting facilities. A company who specifically offers blog hosting is one which provides a person room to place their blog onto their sever. If you are considering initiating a business blog, it has to be a careful decision. Having a successful blog can really positively impact on the business and making the right choice of host can be vital in how the marketing and service of blog pans out.

Such is the seriousness of some blogs that many firms look to employ professional writers to compile their blogs for them. The blogs can focus on any subject at all ranging from films to sport to products to anything at all. The ultimate challenge remains to find the right host for your blog and everything else slots in afterwards.

There are many different blog providers but there are probably three main categories: blog hosts who work exclusively, providers of web hosting facilities and sites who resell web hosting space. If you haven't decided between free or paid for service, then the web hosts and the exclusive blog host providers offer both types.

Understanding Your Options about Blog Host Providers

Before choosing a blog host, first figure out what your blog's needs are most and what do you actually want to achieve through your blog. Depending on these goals and intentions choose a blog host that suits your purpose best. For example, most bloggers blog just for personal use and pleasure and therefore are satisfied with the most basic requirements, but if you are looking to use your blog for your business purpose, then your requirements and therefore choice of web hosts will be different.

If you are not comfortable dealing with HTML, encoding and other technical features, opt for blog hosts which are simpler with less technological features. On the other hand if you are an expert blogger and technologically adept too, you can go for blog hosts which offer you great features to fully customize your blog.

It is a curious quirk but it is possible to get more exposure from a free blog host than it is from one you pay for. If you have set up your blog with the intention of making a profit, this is vital and you can benefit because the free blog hosts undertake actions to keep their sites found on search engines. Using encoding that increases the attractiveness of the page to a search engine will increase the opportunity for people to see your site.

There are also benefits of working with a web host provider to create your blog. Choosing this option will put you in charge of how your blog will look, its style, how its interface is operated and all other features that are contained in the blog. If you do not have sufficient HTML skills or are uncomfortable with encoding this options may not be for you. However, left in the capable hands of a skilled computer worker, this form of blog can be extremely attractive and add something to your marketing activities.

Choose your blog hosting provider prudently then, keeping in mind your technological as well as marketing strengths and weaknesses. If you feel you will be comfortable handling the HTML coding and other technological features and if you want to customize your blog, go for a paid web hosting company. But if you simply want to have a personal blog for your own thoughts, or even a simple blog to make money out of, go for a blog hosting company sans the hassles of HTML and other difficult technological features.

How do you go about having your blog hosted?

The choice of blog software is a straight choice between Wordpress and B2 evolution. Once this choice is made, the decision is to choose a host firm for the blog. The issues that will impact on your decision are now examined.

Free or Paid Hosting. What do you need?: This choice should be a primary consideration. The free option is an obvious benefit but will the advertisements detract from your blog and will they irritate you and potential customers? If it is viable and affordable, choose the paid for shared option that will let you utilize your choice of Wordpress or B2 software.

Is your host compatible with Wordpress or B2 Evolution?: As the popularity of blogs are continuing to rise, and most of them use Wordpress or B2 Evolution, you will find the majority of blog hosts will provide their service with these products already catered for. This is of benefit as it does not require you to do as much in the way of setting up and in a few clicks of your mouse; your blog will be ready to go.

Select the host that is right for you: Ensuring you make the right choice or select wisely from the number of host providers can be a tricky challenge. An element of research is always advised and checking out forums and websites for information about existing providers with Wordpress or B2 Evolution software ca increase your knowledge on the subject. Knowing any differences in technical offerings such as disk space or bandwidth may make a big difference to your choice. Also, ensure you read user reviews on the variety of blog hits to get a feel for the service they provide.

To choose the best host, do not forget the reviews: Always read reviews, be they praising or critical of the sites that make up your short list. As an additional thought, if you believe your blog will be a success you may wish to consider a dedicated server to host you. Equally, before you decide between B2 or Wordpress, try and evaluate both products and get to know which your prefer. Other areas to be aware of include consumer satisfaction and any guarantees about uptime a host may promise. No matter what type of blog you want, make sure you make the right decision.
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