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International Auto Shipping from the US to Mexico

Aug 7, 2008
When the Alamo fell to the armies of Santa Ana it would have been inconceivable to anyone involved that someday the United States and Mexico would be partners in international trade. Just a few short decades after that gruesome piece of American history, international auto shipping of American automobiles began to break down the barriers that had been in place since those brave Texans stood tall before a vastly superior force and died to the last man.

Mexico was an inevitable choice for international auto shipping in the early days of the development of the automobile. Easily accessible land routes and its port cities along the Gulf of Mexico made it easy to deliver to and its terrain made automobiles a necessity almost as soon as the first one rolled off the assembly line. Detroit is located on Lake Michigan which feeds into the Mississippi River so international auto shipping routes were established early on to Vera Cruz and Galveston, Texas where they could be transported overland to the central and western portions of Mexico.

Because of the geographical position of Mexico and the number of cities on the West Coast, there is a large number of imported automobiles from the Far East in the country today. The international auto shipping companies that transport Toyotas and other Japanese cars come in to the ports of California and shipments of cars are sent south to be sold in Tijuana and Mexico City. There are also Japanese companies today which manufacture automobiles in the United States. Honda has a factory in Ohio not too far from that of AMC Jeep and many of the international auto shipping companies along the Mississippi River transport both vehicles to the shores of Mexico and further to South America.

The modern SUV has become one of the most popular vehicles purchased by Mexicans. Its ability to handle rough terrain and carry larger cargoes makes it a practical fit for both business and pleasure. Jeeps and trucks made by GMC, Ford and Chevrolet also come down the river from Detroit and international auto shipping companies deliver them to port cities where they are transported by auto carrier or driven into the interior.

The superhighways of California connect the West Coast from end to end and cross into Mexico at Baja. International auto shipping on these highways is done from the port cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Foreign and domestic automobiles are offloaded from cargo ships and placed on auto transport trucks that make the trek down the coast to service the cities and towns of Santa Ana's homeland. The dependence that Mexico now has on imports from the United States makes any future conflicts seem unlikely. The Alamo will always be remembered as a dark time in United States history but the ultimate victory has come through commerce and trade. The economy and standards of living in many Mexican locales is not as good as it is in most of the United States but the cars in the driveway might look familiar if you go down there for a visit.
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