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Your Assistant Should Triple Your Pay

Aug 7, 2008
When you have the right assistant then you will know it because you will see it in the profit. You can have an assistant who triples you pay and pays for their own salary. You need to get the most out of your assistant and then you won't have to worry about the cost of the position because your assistant will absorb the cost. You need to know how to make your assistant absorb their own salary by working hard.

Many people don't even hire an assistant because they think they cannot afford the cost of one. An assistant isn't expensive and you can find the right assistant. The purpose of an assistant is to help you get a large amount of work done so you can have the extra time in your days for yourself or to make more money. You should be able to get more work done in less time and make much more money.

A good assistant will be able to work hard enough for you that they pay their own salary in the deals they make for you. In addition to saving you the cost of paying their salary, they should triple your income. If you aren't tripling your income with the assistant you have then you don't have your assistant trained properly or you need to find a new assistant.

An assistant will be able to help you get twice as much work done in less time. You will be able triple your work load because your assistant will be working too. You need to find someone who can work with you to help you triple the work load, triple the deals, and get the job done.

Tripling your work and client base means more money for you. When you have more clients then you have more money. When you have more hands to help you with the workload then you can get more work done. An assistant can do all of the work you are used to doing and more. You just have to know how to train them right.

You will finally have financial freedom with your company because you will be successful. An assistant shouldn't cost you anything because they will work hard enough to pay for their own salary and they will make you a lot more money in return too.
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