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How to Start a Piano Teaching Business

Aug 7, 2008
Are you interested in learning how to start a piano teaching business? It can be a very rewarding experience if you love music as well as enjoy working with other people. Giving the gift of music is something that benefits people in many ways. It doesn't matter if they are the one playing it or someone that is listening to them do so.

Think about what you want to gain from the experience. Are you looking for a way to make some extra money or a full time job? This will determine how much time you will put into the lessons. It will also determine the number of students you can logically handle at any one given time. Decide how long you want each lesson to be as well. An hour is generally a good time frame to make some progress.

Don't let the number of additional people interested in your piano lessons encourage you to take on more than you can reasonably handle. If you do it won't be fair to you or to your students. You want to be able to commit to them fully when they learn from you. Otherwise they won't enjoy it and you will be frazzled with your business instead of really enjoying putting your piano skills to good use.

Getting the message out about your piano lessons is important. This is how interested parties are going to contact you. Offer as much information as you can about what you have to offer. This way you won't be continually getting phone calls about it. Some things to include in your advertising is the curriculum you will use, the cost, and of course your personal credentials that make you a good candidate to teach piano. If you are limiting the piano lessons to a particular age group than make sure you include that information as well.

One aspect of how to start a piano teaching business is to plan your time wisely. If you already possess plenty of organization skills then you have quite an advantage. You need to be able to track what is owed for the lessons, the progress of each student, and when lessons are to take place.

This can be a fun business that makes you money just by teaching others something you are very passionate about. You should be open to the attitude and personality of each student as well. Being able to tweak your interactions with them based on those qualities is important. For example you may have one student that needs constant praise in order to build up their confidence.

Be willing to modify your teaching curriculum as well. You will find that there is no set structure that works right for each student. They also need to be able to move along at their own pace. Some students may already have piano playing experience while others are new to it. Be willing to adjust your teaching methods to their level of skills too so that they aren't frustrated during the process.
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