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Start a Tanning Salon the Right Way

Aug 7, 2008
Do you want to start a tanning salon? There is a huge market for this and it continues to grow so you have a wonderful chance of being very successful. This is definitely a hands on business with plenty going on to make sure the customers can walk in, use the tanning equipment, and be on their way. While you have some flexibility about how you want your tanning salon to operate you do need to make sure the basics are well cared for.

Before you start a tanning salon evaluate what your competition is in the area. Is it saturated with salons that are struggling to survive, especially in those winter months when the volume of customers takes a huge dive? Are those individuals that go to tan continually upset that they have to wait for their turn? If so, it could be that there is more of a demand than there is tanning salons available. If that is the case, you definitely want to climb aboard and fill that unmet need.

The cost to start a tanning salon is going to vary significantly so you need to look closely at this area. The location of the building, the types of equipment you offer, and even how much you are willing to pay your staff is going to impact the overall cost. You want to do your best to keep costs low. However, if you don't offer reliable equipment it is going to cost you customers in the long run.

Be very aware of the location that you select for your tanning salon as well. You want to be sure customers are going to find it to be convenient. One of the main reasons that people choose indoor tanning is due to time restraints. They put great value on their time and expect you to do the same for them as well.

Before you buy or lease a building for a tanning salon, you need to evaluate some features. Find out how many amps of power are necessary to operate all of your tanning equipment at the same time. During the busy summer months you should be operating at full capacity. You don't want to discover you can only operate some of the equipment at any given time or you will blow fuses. That isn't going to be cost effective or productive for your business.

A certified electrician can help you to determine how many amps of power you will need. They can also test the sockets and outlets to be sure all of the work properly. Safety is very important for any business, and not one to overlook when you start a tanning salon either. Having this type of evaluation done will save you a great deal of heartache and headaches in the future.

Taking the time to evaluate all of these areas before you start a tanning salon is important. It will eliminate the possibility of you making costly mistakes along the way. It will likely mean that the first time a customer tries your tanning salon they will be willing to come back again and again. Developing such long term relationships with customers is important for this type of business to thrive.
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Betty P Davis writes about the ups and downs of the tanning salon business. You can read more about the rookie mistakes many new operators make by visiting Tanning Salon Gold to read more.
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