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What Do Aged Companies Have to Offer?

Aug 7, 2008
Aged companies are those that have been around for a considerable amount of time. That tends to give the impression that they are doing well since so many aren't able to make it past the first couple of years. Yet an aged company hasn't been used as it really isn't operational. They are a way for a new business to acquire some time behind them to give the appearance that they have been around.

Aged companies tend to help when it comes to securing corporate credit. Many lenders shy away from brand new businesses due to the risk of failure that is associated with them. Due to the tough economic times out there, lenders have gotten even stricter when it comes to credit for a new business. The impression of being around for a while helps to offset their fears that you won't be able to survive out there.

It isn't just lenders that are often afraid to work with new businesses though. You will find that even though you are well qualified to meet the needs of other businesses, they may pass you over. They feel there is too much of a risk with a new business due to a lack of history. They want to work with those that have some time frame behind them. What they need is simply too important to take a risk on a new company that they can't depend on 100% to get them the results they seek.

The image they get of your business can be significantly improved upon if you purchase one of these aged companies. This is especially true if you have to bid to gain their projects. Being passed over again and again for credit or projects due to being the new kid on the block really doesn't seem fair. Yet it happens all the time, and it certainly contributes to why so many new businesses can't make it work.

The prices associated with aged companies will vary significantly. Generally though you can get one for less than $1,000. Some business owners shy away from aged companies though as they don't want to get into trouble. Yet this method of enhancing the image of your business is legal. Even so many wonder if it is ethical though and that can be something that prevents them from moving forward with it.

Aged companies tend to get results though and that is why they are so appealing. It can help to eliminate being passed over for projects that can make you money. It can help to prevent you from getting denied the credit you need to keep your business going. However, it is wise to do your homework.

Some aged companies out there have been used. They were placed on the shelf and out of use due to failures early on. They may have accessed credit and not been able to repay it. You certainly don't want to end up with one of those aged companies that have such a faulty reputation attached to it. Investigate carefully before you purchase any type of aged companies so you can get the full benefit that they offer.
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