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Mastering Blog Marketing Means Building A Rock Solid Base

Aug 7, 2008
When it comes to blog marketing, the old saying, "Build it and they will come" isn't exactly relevant. Sure, starting and writing a simple blog will probably attract a handful of visitors every now and then, but what about bloggers that really want to step it up and make their blogs completely rock? It all starts by building a rock solid base.

Write Good Blog Posts

First things first, mastering blog marketing means writing good quality blog posts. After all, it does little good to promote a bad product. Writing quality posts does take time, plenty of research, good planning, and a commitment to providing value to the readers, but the payoff potential in the end is fantastic. Focus on quality and many other aspects of blog marketing will happen automatically.

Work The Niche Network

Network, network, network! One of the most simple and natural methods of blog marketing is making friends with fellow bloggers. And making friends is easy for bloggers. The best thing about the blogosphere is that those that would normally view themselves as arch-rival competitors find they have something in common and something worth sharing. Marketing blogs by working together to better serve the readers of a niche is a great thing. Go ahead... get blogrolled!

Support The Community

Popular blogs generally have very loyal visitor communities based around the posts and their commentary. Savvy blog marketers learn how to encourage comments on their own blog posts and also how to leave valuable, traffic building comments on other blogs. The key to blog marketing through comments is to only say something if it's insightful, positive, and completely relevant. Low quality commenting that's just intended to lure traffic is almost always seen as spammy behavior and will only hurt an overall blog marketing strategy.

Don't Overlook The Obvious

Taking a multi-faceted blog marketing approach is the best way to score the best returns on the effort put forth. A large portion of any blog's new traffic will come from various online sources. Because of this fact, many bloggers simply choose dismiss the notion of promoting their blogs offline through word of mouth. Give organic offline blog promotion a chance. Getting the word out is all part of building a blog's solid foundation.

Spending some serious time and effort blog marketing is absolutely worth the effort. Thanks to the very nature of the blogosphere, once visitors begin to catch on to a blog, the traffic and subscribers really start to snowball rapidly from there. So for every potential visitor reached by a blog marketing campaign, five more might be waiting to make the discovery.
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