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10 Things You May Not Know About You Tube

Aug 7, 2008
YouTube was "born" from the creative minds of former PayPal employees. it first became active on February 15, 2005 . As you can see, despite its enormous success the site is still in its infancy.

The start-up found funding in the form of venture capital from Sequioa Capital, raising $3.5 million dollars for the site. The venture capital firm later invested another $8million dollars into the company, helping spur its popularity during the last year and a half. This just shows you how attractive YouTube's business model was and how many people instantly recognized the promise this site had to offer.

Today many refer to YouTube as the, "fastest growing website on the web."

Over 100 million visitors watch clips each day. By some reports, over 60,000 people upload videos within a single day. YouTube did however face many copyright infringement lawsuits, which is one reason it agreed to the huge settlement deal with Google.

YouTube restricts individuals from sending material with known copyrights. Therefore, NBC was among the first to ask them to remove clips of material including material from the 2006 Olympics, obviously uploaded to the site. YouTube imposed several extra cautionary measures, including limiting video clips to a brief 10-minute tape. This lessened much of NBCs concerns, but added to their popularity.

YouTube, like many Web 2.0, sites is much more than a site allowing individuals to share video clips. It is a place for public commentary, a place where people can review the latest and greatest info products, a place where people can network and share common interests, goals, and opportunities.

Just like many popular sites, registered members can rate videos, or find out how many times other people link to a video clip for their viewing pleasure. YouTube provides and publishes this information for your convenience, for its loyal fans.

Web 2.0 offers many cost-effective ways of promoting your website and You Tube is no different. And that's just one part of YouTubing. It is also one of the most fun ways of promoting your website. There is music, there is video, there is creativity, and there is marketing. A terrific mix, isn't it?

If you have uploaded your own video, get your friends and family members to view it and rate it. Nothing works like a five star rating. Ask them to chip in with a few good comments as well. The biggest mistake is to assume that uploading a video is the end of it. It needs a lot of promotion to make your video visible.

Many major media moguls now provide content willingly to YouTube. Among them include CBS, Sony BMG and even Warner productions.
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